7+ Best Grown Up Night Lights for Adults (CALMING, Relaxing, and Fun!)

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Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep in complete darkness. Having just a hint of light can keep my mind at ease, so I get to sleep without trouble. It’s also helpful to have a night light in case you have to get up while it’s still dark out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stubbed my toe or stumbled on something.

I tested two dozen different night lights, trying to find the best option for adults. Some were too bright, others were too dim. Some required expensive specialty bulbs or used more power than I wanted. I narrowed the list down to eight options that are just right for adults.

The MIPOW PLAYBULB Sphere Bluetooth Smart Color Changing Night Light is the best overall. Use the app on your phone to control the brightness, change color, set a timer, or power it off completely. You can also tap the light itself to change colors or lighting patterns.

Not everyone wants a colorful night light or cares about controlling options with their phone. With that in mind, this list includes simple night lights that react to ambient light. They use less electricity, and some are battery-powered so you can place them anywhere.

There are tons of grown up night lights on the market once you start shopping around, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. After trying so many different options, I’ve compiled the best in distinct categories, like battery-powered, with a sound machine, and a budget option.

Regardless of what type of night light you’re looking for, you’ll find it on this list. Read on to discover your options.

The 8 Best Night Lights for Adults

Whether you want a simple night light to help you find your way through a dark house or something that elevates your sleep experience, there’s something for everyone on this list.

MIPOW PLAYBULB Sphere Bluetooth Smart Color Changing Night Light – Best Overall

If you’re searching for cool night lights for adults, the MIPOW PLAYBULB is what you want. It has tons of options in terms of colors, effects, brightness, and patterns. Download the app for your phone so you can easily change the light’s brightness with a click. You can also set up the motion sensor so tapping the light itself will change the colors.

There are 16 million RGB colors to choose from, so you can find the precise hue that lets you sleep soundly. You can even use this light during the day and set the colors to a tone that will help you feel alert and productive. It has a built-in battery so you can recharge it as needed and enjoy the night light for years to come.

Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Light – Best Budget Option

Sometimes you want a relaxing night light at a low price, so the Vont night light is the best budget option. You get six lights at a reasonable price. They plug into the wall so you don’t have to worry about charging them. 

Though they seem simple, these night lights have some cool features. They have a detector so they’ll turn off in daylight, saving you a lot of effort and energy. The sleek design won’t draw attention to them in the electrical outlet, either.

Maxxima LED Multi-Color Red, White, and Blue LED Night Light – Best for Daytime Sensor

If you’re looking for a calming night light, then the Maxxima Red, White, and Blue LED Night Light is the best choice. Maxxima says the LED bulb lasts for 100,000 hours, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

The colors of this night light aren’t for entertainment; you can change them to get the best light for the time of day. Blue light keeps you up at night, so you can change the switch to the red filter to get the best sleep. The white option is just warm enough that you can use it all night without disrupting your sleep patterns.

Maxxima MLN-10 LED Night Light – Best for Efficiency

This plug-in night light for adults is great for bathrooms and hallways. Because it only produces bright LED light, it’s not ideal for the bedroom, though you could still use it there. 

This light has a swivel, which is why it’s perfect for use in other spaces. You can turn on the night light and swivel it to point wherever you need, like if you’re getting medicine from the bathroom or picking something up from the hallway floor.

Anescra Sounds Machine with Night Light – Best With Sound Machine

Sometimes a soothing night light is only half of what you need and white noise can really help you drift off. This machine offers seven different colors of light so you can find the right hue. Then you can further customize bedtime by choosing one of 24 soothing sounds.

The night light has a USB charger and lasts for 20 hours, so you don’t have to worry about it going out overnight.

AMIR Upgraded Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light – Best for Battery Power

If you’re looking for the best hallway night light, look no further. These small lights have a motion sensor, so they turn on when they sense you walking by. Since they’re battery-powered, you can put them along the hallway baseboards without needing an outlet.

In addition to the motion sensor, they also detect light so they won’t stay on all day. They take three triple-A batteries, so you’ll need to replace those periodically. Otherwise, these night lights require no effort from you.

GenSwin Gold Glass Battery Operated Flameless LED Candles – Best Flameless Candles

Some people want a unique night light and these flameless candles deliver. The set of three candles provides just enough ambient light to make you feel peaceful as you drift off to sleep. You can even use them on the table for an elegant dinner.

They require double-A batteries and come with a remote that lets you control the brightness, flickering pattern, and timer. Instead of risking a fire hazard with real candles, use this flameless option.

LOGROTATE Moon Lamp – Best Color Changing

People searching for awesome night lights for adults will love the moon lamp. It actually looks like the moon so you can pretend it’s art during the day. At night, you can choose between 16 different colors to set the right tone for bedtime.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry about waking up in the dark. You can choose different sizes, ranging from 4.8 inches to 9.6 inches in diameter.

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Buying Guide

The eight lights above are some of the best night lights for adults. Depending on what you want, you might check out other options. This buying guide tells you everything you need to look for.

Type of Light

The type of light your night light emits can make all the difference in your sleep quality and the energy efficiency of your bulb. LED lights are the best choice because they produce less heat. That makes them safer to use in the bedroom, where they stay on for hours and might touch loose bedding.

LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. As a result, they can last 25 times longer, so you won’t be replacing them much. That saves you money on your electric bill as well as from not needing to buy extra bulbs.

However, the color of LED lights is closer to sunlight than you want when you’re trying to fall asleep. With that in mind, many people choose incandescent bulbs with low wattages, typically ranging from 4W to 15W. These bulbs produce less heat and emit a warmer light than LEDs.


It’s not necessary to have a night light with different colors, but it’s a fun option! And these colors aren’t all about making your room look like a late-night rave; they can also impact how sleepy you feel. White and yellow light stimulates your brain, and even blue, which is thought of as a calming color, can disrupt your sleep.

Studies have shown that red light promotes sleep more than any other color of lighting. When you choose a night light with color options, you can use the red light when you’re trying to get sleep. When you’re working, you could set the light to other colors for maximum productivity. That gives you more use for your night light than only using it to find your way in the dark!

Most night lights with color options also have settings where you can control the brightness of the light. You can tone down the color until you find the best hue to help you sleep.

Power Supply

Plugging a night light into the wall is an easy option because you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or charging them. As long as you have power, your night light will work. However, that means you won’t have a light if you lose power at night. Thankfully, not all night lights need an electrical outlet to work. 

You can use battery-powered night lights to ensure you have light, even if the electricity goes out. Some battery-powered lights use rechargeable batteries, which is a good option so you don’t have to buy replacements. Other battery-powered lights charge with a USB cord, which is even more energy-efficient.


When you buy a night light for adults, you want to think about its lifespan. While some children might grow out of their night light or want a different design or style once they’re older, adults usually want to buy something that will last.

You want a durable light because those will last the longest, but also won’t break if you bump into them. If you have an outlet right next to your bed, you want a sturdy light that won’t crack if your foot or leg hits it when you’re getting out of bed. You also want to ensure it’s durable enough to stay intact if your bed’s leg bumps it.

While you can buy replacement bulbs as needed, you don’t want to do that every few weeks. A night light with a long lifespan needs a bulb that will also last for several months before burning out. The wires inside should also not be at risk of becoming less effective over time.

Special Features

Night lights with special features can make your bedtime routine better than ever. Having a night light with a built-in sound machine is one option. The white noise of a sound machine can drown out any creaks when your house settles. They’re also ideal if you’re sleeping at a time when someone else in your house is awake. 

A night light with a timer is a good idea if you don’t want it to stay on all night. You can use it to light up the room as you’re falling asleep and have it turn off shortly after you close your eyes for the night. Timers usually have settings for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, but some have clocks where you can set specific times for them to turn on and off.

Lights with dimmers and timers use less energy. Night lights with built-in motion sensors also use less energy because they only turn on when they sense someone nearby. If you want a night light only for when you’re walking through the house, consider one of these options for maximum efficiency.


The MIPOW PLAYBULB is the best grown up night light for adults because it has everything. You can change colors, dim the light, set a timer, and more all from your phone.

Hopefully this list helped you find the best night light for adults. You can buy them directly through the links in this post, so don’t spend another night in the dark!

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Nate Devore
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