10 Best Mattress Toppers for Pregnancy (Nontoxic, Latex, Gel Memory Foam)

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Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it can also be an uncomfortable one. Creating a new life is one of the most challenging things your body will ever do. Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to the health and happiness of both the parent and the baby. So what can you do if sleeping while pregnant has been difficult for you?

Luckily, you can always add a mattress topper to your current sleep setup. A good topper will keep you and your baby safe and comfortable throughout the night. The Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper is the best mattress topper for pregnancy. These organic, non-toxic mattress toppers come in several thicknesses and levels of firmness.

If you’re not sure that Pure Green is the right topper for you, never fear! Many other mattress toppers can give you the rest that you need. Our helpful guide makes it quick and easy to choose one. Then, you can get back to the important things—like picking out the perfect baby name!

The 10 Best Mattress Toppers for Pregnancy: Mini-Reviews

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Best Overall

Pure Green Latex Mattress Toppers are natural latex foam sourced from Sri Lanka. This latex foam stays cool for a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

This organic, non-toxic mattress protector contains no chemicals or allergens. This mattress has a Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification. This means that the latex of this mattress topper passes emissions testing requirements.

Pure Green has three levels of firmness and thickness, so choose what will best meet your needs. People say they are more comfortable while using a Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper. These non-toxic mattress toppers help to reduce leg, back, and shoulder pain.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Topper Supreme – Best for Side Sleepers

The Tempur-Topper Supreme is a dense Tempur memory foam known for its durability. This mattress topper cushions your body to help ease pain during pregnancy.

The Tempur-Topper Supreme is perfect for those who want a memory foam mattress topper. This mattress topper conforms to the body, which will help reduce soreness. Back sleepers can rest without sinking too much due to the firmness of the topper.

If you share your mattress, the Tempur-Topper Supreme is great at motion isolation. You and your partner can each get a good night’s sleep with this mattress topper.

A knit polyester cover encases the memory foam, and you can remove it for handwashing.

Plushbeds Natural Latex – Best for Firmness

Plushbeds use latex from 100% organic rubber trees. The aerated latex allows for sleep cooling, which means no more nighttime hot flashes!

Plushbeds’ Toppers come in two thicknesses and four choices of firmness. A firm mattress topper can help with the effects of aging or sagging mattresses. If your old mattress prevents you from resting in comfort, a Plushbed can help your bed feel like new.

These toppers are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The design makes it an excellent mattress topper for pregnancy. Sleepers will enjoy superior comfort, firm support, and pressure relief.

Ghostbed Memory Foam Topper – Best for Softness

The Ghostbed Memory Foam Topper is a gel memory foam mattress topper that contours to your body. The topper features deep grooves in specific areas for airflow. The firmness of the topper supports the different regions of your body.

This topper is great for side sleepers and back sleepers. The unique design of this mattress topper makes you feel like you are floating on air. It also helps ease shoulder and hip pain, which is troublesome in the final stages of pregnancy.

Tossing and turning will no longer affect your sleeping partner. This mattress topper minimizes motion transfer, so you can move around without worry.

The Ghostbed mattress topper also comes with a waterproof, dust and allergen-resistant cover. The cover will extend the life of your mattress topper and your mattress. It is easy to slide off and is machine washable.

Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Best for Value

You can find the best-selling gel memory foam topper at Linenspa for under $100. These toppers can soften the hardest mattresses. The memory foam contours to your body and provides you with a cozy and comfortable sleep.

The foam of this topper has gel beads to prevent overheating. The topper comes in ten different sizes, able to fit almost any mattress.

A softer foam makes up the Linenspa topper, so it is ideal for people with a lightweight body type. It is also great for people who sleep on their sides because it helps relieve pressure around the joints.

This topper comes as a single layer of foam. You can buy a cover for your topper as an added cost if you would like to extend its life.

Saatva Mattress Topper – Best for Durability

The Saatva Mattress Topper features high-quality materials that will last for years. If you want to invest in your sleep comfort long-term, you should consider Saatva. This company offers three excellent options for upgrading your existing mattress.

The first option is excellent for someone looking for a quick solution at a low cost. Saatva offers a 1.5-inch high-density foam layer ideal for most sleep positions. It contours your body and has a medium firmness.

For a higher cost, there is 3-inch graphite-infused memory foam. This topper offers pressure relief and minimizes motion transfer. The graphite also pulls heat away from your body, allowing you to stay cool and content as you sleep.

Saatva’s luxury option is a 1.5-inch latex topper that we believe is worth the investment. This topper features natural resources and is highly durable. It is pressure-relieving and makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The Saatva Mattress Topper is spot clean only. They do have an impressive 180-day free trial with free shipping. You can return the mattress topper for a full refund if you are unhappy with the product.

Viscosoft 3″ Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Best for Hip and Back Pain

Hip and back pain are common complaints from pregnant people. Viscosoft mattress toppers help to ease these discomforts. The company’s Select High-Density Mattress Topper is gel-infused memory foam with a cover.

This is a 3″ memory foam mattress topper. It provides a medium firmness, making it best for sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds. Side sleepers will enjoy the way this topper supports their body.

The gel infusions and unique ventilation design keep your sleep surface cool. The Viscosoft topper minimizes motion transfer, so you and your partner can rest well.

The Viscosoft topper comes with a soft rayon cover made from bamboo. It has a breathable mesh bottom and elastic bands that secure it in place. You can remove the cover to wash it and keep your bed free from dust and other allergens.

Viscosoft offers a ninety-night sleep trial. They will provide a full refund if you are not happy with the product.

Perfectly Snug Smart Topper – Best for Cooling and Heating

Most mattress toppers regulate temperature with passive cooling. They pull the heat away from the body using breathable materials. The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper, however, provides active cooling.

The topper has dual settings so you and your partner can each set your side of the bed to the temperature you enjoy. Fans at the foot of the bed channel airflow through the topper. You can choose to heat the mattress topper for colder nights or go for the cooling setting if you are a hot sleeper.

The mattress topper is very comfortable with medium firmness. It supports people weighing up to 230 pounds.

The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper is an expensive investment, but you won’t find its level of temperature control anywhere else. The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper comes with a 30-night trial. You’ll receive a full refund if you return the topper in reasonably-used condition. Those that keep the topper have a one-year warranty.

Sleep Innovations 4″ Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Best for Joint Pain

The Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper is an affordable option for relieving pressure. If you often wake up at night achy from being in the same position for too long, this is the mattress topper for you.

This foam mattress topper helps ease back, hip, and knee pain. It adds another layer of soft cushion around pressure points while laying on your back or your side. Pregnant people especially enjoy this extra cushion. With an extra inch of gel memory foam, this is a fantastic mattress topper for pregnancy.

Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper – Best Eco-Friendly Topper

If you’re concerned about sustainability, consider the Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper. This healthy, non-toxic topper is for people looking for an organic sleep product.

These toppers are available in two thickness options and three firmness levels. The Turnberry Toppers provide support in all the right places, guaranteeing restful sleep.

These toppers are also an excellent choice for hot sleepers. The organic latex has small holes to help with air circulation. These toppers are also hypoallergenic and contain no chemicals. They are eco-INSTITUTE, Oeko-Tex, and LGA certified.

Buying Guide

When buying a mattress topper, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re pregnant, these things can become even more important.


Budget can have a big impact on the type of mattress you buy. Microfiber, polyester, and cotton toppers are usually the least expensive. Cotton, feather, and down toppers are typically in the mid-price range. Memory foam is often more expensive. Wool and latex are the most costly, but they are also the most organic and sustainable.

If you need something cheaper, consider looking into a maternity pillow. These pillows provide comfort and support with a design made for pregnant tummies.

Pain Relief and Support

Pregnant people looking to ease pain should consider memory foam or latex. These materials cushion and mold the body, providing extra support. They tend to be more durable as well.

Comfort and Softness

There are plenty of choices for upping softness with a non-toxic mattress topper. We recommend a low-density memory foam or a fabric topper. This will add a plush layer to your bed to up the softness without having to overhaul your entire mattress.

If you’re looking for a hole for your stomach, check out the HOLO inflatable pregnancy pillow. It may look silly at first but can give you some extra comfort when you want to relax.

Thickness and Density

Revitalizing an aging mattress might need a three to four-inch-thick topper. The density of the mattress topper determines how much support it will provide. Your choice will depend on support levels, body weight, and sleeping positions. Thicker mattress toppers, in general, offer more support than thinner ones do.

Motion Isolation

If the movement of your partner keeps you up at night, you should consider memory foam or latex. These products are great at reducing motion transfer. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get a split mattress to customize your side of the bed.

Body Heat

You should consider latex if body heat is a concern while sleeping. Latex toppers are good all year long and do not overheat as other materials do.

Moving and Cleaning

Sometimes you will need to move and clean your mattress topper. Consider the weight of the product you are buying so you can move it. Some toppers can be hand washed while others cannot. Finding a cover may help keep your mattress and topper clean if they need to move with you.


The warranty of the product should reflect the investment you are making. Most companies offer year-long warranties or satisfaction guarantees. If you’re not sure what you want, a company with a flexible warranty and trial period can put you at ease.


People spend a third of their lives sleeping, so it’s good to invest in products to improve your sleep. If you’re pregnant, your body needs extra rest to provide for you and your little one. Making your sleep space as comfortable as possible will help you have a nice, easy pregnancy

Any of these non-toxic mattress toppers will help with your pregnancy. The Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Topper is our favorite, based on price, comfort, and make. Check out this mattress topper on Amazon and order yours today.

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