11 Best Quietest Fans for Sleeping in the Bedroom in 2023

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tower fan in the bedroom pushing cool air

After going through a few months of feeling hot and uncomfortable at night while sleeping in my new home, I decided it was time to get a fan for my bedroom. However, I tend to be a light sleeper and wanted a quiet fan that wouldn’t wake me up at night.

I tested a dozen different fans and settled for the Dreo Tower Fan. Of all the fans I tried, this product came with some smart features that truly made a difference when it comes to keeping me comfortable at night.

While I highly recommend this tower fan, I think those with a smaller bedroom might find a compact table fan a better option, and those shopping on a budget can find great alternatives in a lower price range.

Read on to learn more about the different fans I tested, why I preferred the Dreo Tower Fan, and what to consider when choosing the quietest fan for bedroom.

Top 11 Quietest Bedroom Fans

The following fans are the different products I tested in my search for the quietest fan for bedroom.

Best Overall: Dreo Tower Fan

The Dreo Tower Fan is a best-selling product with thousands of great reviews. It’s one of the quietest bedroom fans we could find, and it also comes with a number of features designed to enhance sleep.

The air duct design is worth mentioning since it reduces the noise level to 34 to 48 dB, depending on the speed setting. You can choose between six different speeds and three modes to customize the airflow.

The fan also comes with an auto mode that automatically adjusts the speed of the airflow based on the temperature of your bedroom. It’s a great feature for keeping you comfortable throughout the night!

It’s easy to cover your entire bedroom with the 90° oscillation feature, the 42” tower design, and the top speed that can reach 24ft/s. You can place the fan further away from your bed to reduce the noise and still get plenty of fresh air.

My favorite feature is the timer that gradually decreases the speed of the fan throughout the night. I found it very soothing, and it helped me sleep through the night.


  • Easy to customize the airflow with different speeds and modes
  • The timer feature is a plus
  • Very quiet fan


  • It’s a tall tower fan that takes up space

Best Bladeless Fan: Dreo Floor Fan

The Dreo Floor Fan is another excellent option from Dreo. It excels at reducing noises at night with its bladeless design. The features are somewhat similar to the Dreo Tower Fan, but this product comes with an app so you can control the fan from your phone.

It’s a 36” tower fan that gives you plenty of coverage for a large bedroom. There are four speeds to choose from, and you can select four different modes. The fan oscillates on a 90° axis to cover the entire room.

The app is a feature that adds a lot of value since you can set up this fan to work with a voice assistant like Alexa. Plus, you can use the app to schedule when the fan will turn on and off, which can be a good way to automatically prepare your bedroom for bedtime.


  • It’s a quiet fan at 34 dB
  • The app adds value
  • Four speeds and modes


  • It’s a bit pricey compared to other fans

Best for Air Circulation: Amazon Basics Small Room Air Circulator Fan

This small but performing fan from Amazon Basics is an excellent option if you’re shopping on a budget. It stands at 7” and will easily fit on your nightstand or on a shelf in your bedroom.

The controls are simple with a dial that allows you to turn the fan on and choose one of the three speeds available. While this fan doesn’t have any of the advanced features you’ll find with some of the other products on this list, the circular design is ideal for improving airflow and ventilation.

It’s not an oscillating fan, but you can tilt it to direct where you want the airflow to go.


  • Affordable bedroom fan
  • Ideal design for improving airflow
  • Quiet operation


  • It’s not an oscillating fan

Best Fan for Large Bedrooms: Vornado 460 Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 460 fan is an impressive product. If you have a large bedroom and want to get plenty of air circulating, look no further than this quiet fan for bedroom.

In spite of its small size, the unique design of the Vornado fan enhances air circulation thanks to a feature called Vortex Action. The fan essentially creates a circular motion thanks to its deep blades and pushes the air out to create a strong circulation effect in the entire room. You can move air up to 70 feet away from this fan thanks to this unique design!

There are three speeds to choose from to adjust the airflow to your preference, and you can direct the fan with a convenient glider bar.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • The Vortex Action feature is ideal for large rooms
  • Three speeds


  • Other fans have more speeds and oscillate

Best Stand Fan: Black+Decker Stand Fan

This stand fan from Black+Decker is a great option if you like to keep your bedroom fan away from your bed or if you need to improve airflow for bunk beds or a mezzanine bed.

It’s a tall fan at 16,” but you can change the height thanks to the adjustable stand. The fan features three wide blades to move as much air as possible, and you can choose between three speeds.

The oscillating feature is a plus since it allows the fan to cover a larger area, and you’ll find the remote to be a convenient addition since you can turn the oscillation on and off or adjust the speed without getting out of bed.


  • Ideal to cover large areas
  • Sturdy construction
  • The remote is a plus


  • There are only three speeds

Best Fan for Cooling Your Room: Honeywell HYF260 Tower Fan

With its five speeds, the Honeywell HYF260 Tower Fan is an ideal option for keeping your bedroom cool. Whether you’re a hot sleeper or want to reduce your AC bills, this fan is an excellent choice.

It’s a tower fan with a sturdy base that you can set up in a corner of your bedroom. The oscillation feature means the fan will easily cover your entire bedroom, and you can turn the oscillation on and off thanks to the remote.

The five speeds include two speeds designed to cool your room, including a Refresh mode and a Power Cool setting. You can also select the Calm or Sleep mode if you want to reduce noise.

Plus, the fan comes with a built-in timer to help reduce your electricity consumption, and the LED display will automatically shut off after a while.


  • Five speeds, including two speeds to keep your room cool
  • Sturdy tower design
  • Remote control


  • Using one of the cooling speeds means the fan will make more noise

Best for Pink Noise: Honeywell Dreamweaver

The Honeywell Dreamweaver is a compact bedroom fan. It’s also one of the best fans for sleeping if you like background noise.

You’re probably familiar with white noise. White noise is the combination of all the different audible frequencies. Studies suggest that it can help with focus and relaxation, and even soothe infants.

Pink noise is similar since it combines all the audible frequencies to create low background noise. However, pink noise emphasizes frequencies in the lower end of the spectrum for a deeper result. The audible range is similar to cascading water and has a very relaxing effect.

Besides the pink noise feature, this fan comes with a convenient oscillating mode to improve air circulation, three speeds, and a timer feature. I also liked the shutters that give precise control over how much airflow comes out of the fan.

The tap control is another great feature since you might have to turn the fan on and off in the dark. The fan also comes with a night light that you can keep off or adjust with the four dimmable settings.

Overall, I liked the compact design of this fan and was able to set it up on my nightstand. Plus, it comes with a USB port to charge your phone!


  • Compact design and powerful airflow
  • The pink noise feature can help you sleep better
  • Extras like the night light and USB port add value


  • Not everyone likes the pink noise feature

Best White Noise Fan: Lasko SlumberBreeze

The SlumberBreeze fan from Lasko is another great option if you like to have some background noise. This fan emits white noise to cover noises from outside and help you relax.

I liked the white noise feature because there are five different frequencies to choose from and I think everyone should be able to find a frequency that works for them.

Otherwise, it’s a compact table fan with two speeds. It weighs less than three pounds and features a modern design. There is a USB port to charge your phone, some simple controls, and an oscillating feature.


  • Choose between five white noise frequencies
  • Compact and modern design


  • Other products have more than two speed settings

Most Stylish Bedroom Fan: Vornado VFan Mini Classic Fan

This Mini Fan from Vornado is a great addition to your bedroom if you don’t want a fan that stands out like a sore thumb. I love the retro design of this fan and think it will look great if you have some 50s or 60s-inspired decor in your bedroom.

The metal frame looks stylish, but it also makes the fan durable. The compact size is ideal if you want a small fan you can keep on your nightstand.

The controls are simple with two speeds to choose from, and you can tile the head of the fan to direct the airflow.


  • Stylish retro-inspired design
  • Durable metal frame
  • Compact size


  • Other fans have more features

Best Rechargeable Bedroom Fan: Conbola Bladeless Fan

The Conbola Bladeless Fan stands out thanks to its battery-operated feature. It’s a convenient alternative to corded fans if you don’t have a lot of outlets in your bedroom.

This bladeless fan uses a 4,400mAh battery and can run for up to nine hours on its lowest setting. It’s a small and lightweight fan that can push a surprising quantity of air through its bladeless wind duct. This convenient fan is also a great option if you have young children and want to avoid them touching the moving blades of a traditional fan.


  • Rechargeable fan
  • Low noise level
  • Three speeds


  • You’ll have to remember to charge the battery

Best Compact Bedroom Fan: Honeywell QuietSet Personal Table Fan

I like the Honeywell QuietSet Personal Table Fan because it’s one of the most versatile products around. It’s a small table fan that will fit on your nightstand, but it’s also a great portable fan that you can move to your living room or home office during the day.

It’s an affordable option for staying cool at night with four speeds. The fan even comes with a white noise mode if you like to have some background noise in your bedroom.

There is a convenient timer, so the fan doesn’t run all night, and an oscillating feature to improve airflow.


  • Compact design at 13”
  • Quiet fan with four speeds
  • The timer is convenient


  • Other fans have more features

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Quietest Fan for Bedroom

The right fan should help you create a comfortable environment so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. Read on for a few tips on what to look for.

Different Types of Fans

When shopping for a new bedroom fan, you’ll come across different types of fans, including bladeless fans, tower fans, and more. Each type has its own pros and cons.

Stand or Pedestal Fans

A stand or pedestal fan can be a great option for improving air circulation in a large room. They’re affordable, sturdy, and typically come with an oscillating feature.

Tower Fans

Tower fans are usually quiet and compact. The airflow isn’t as strong as what you can expect with a pedestal fan, but tower fans have some advantages, such as a wider range of settings, speeds, and modes.

Bladeless Fans

A bladeless fan can be a good option if you’re looking to reduce noise while you sleep. These fans use an impeller instead to generate airflow, which means you won’t get any noise from blades rotating.

Box Fans

Box fans are inexpensive and can do a good job of improving airflow and keeping your room cool. However, they typically lack advanced features and tend to make more noise compared to other types of fans.

Table Fans

Keeping a small table fan on your nightstand is a great way to stay cool and comfortable at night if you don’t mind the low-level noise and airflow. A table fan can be a convenient option if you want to be able to turn your fan on and off without getting out of bed.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are your best bet for keeping an entire room cool, but they’re louder than other types of fans and require installation.

Top Features to Consider When Choosing a Bedroom Fan

What should you look for when selecting the quietest bedroom fan?

Noise Level

Fans work by pushing air, which causes small changes in pressure throughout a room. These small changes in pressure result in low but constant noise. Plus, you might also hear the whirring of the blades and fan motor moving.

Typically, fans emit between 50 and 70 dB or decibels. To give you a better idea, 50 dB corresponds to the noise level of a whisper while 70 dB is the noise level of a normal conversation.

However, decibel ratings have some limitations, which is why many fan manufacturers don’t include them.

A decibel rating doesn’t reflect the fact that the noise of a fan can vary depending on the environment and the distance from the fan. Decibel ratings also measure sound across all existing octave bands without accounting for the fact that the human ear responds differently to these different frequencies.

While a fan and conversation can both have the same rating of 70 dB, the fan will emit more low-pitched noises and become easier to ignore while your brain might not be able to tune out the higher frequencies of the human voices you hear.

Regardless of decibel ratings, the noise level is going to be a key consideration when shopping for a fan, and it’s important to understand the features that can affect how much noise a fan makes:

  • The size and design of the blades can cause a fan to make more or less noise. Typically, a fan with smaller blades will be quieter even though the airflow won’t be as strong.
  • For oscillating fans, make sure you choose a quality product with a sturdy frame. Rattling is a common issue with these fans.
  • If you want to get a bladeless fan, make sure you invest in a product with a brushless motor. This feature will extend the lifespan of your fan and reduce the noise level.
  • If you want a bladed model, make sure the blades are easy to clean, either by removing the fan enclosure or getting inside with a cotton swab. As dirt and dust particles accumulate, they can cause the blades to become unbalanced and make more noise.

Speed Settings

Budget fans might come with two or three speed settings, but you can get as many as six or more speeds if you’re shopping for a high-end product.

Speed settings are an important feature because they make it easier to create a comfortable environment for falling asleep. Higher speed settings are great for improving airflow and keeping your bedroom cool, but they can make more noise.

We recommend choosing a bedroom fan that comes with a mix of low and high speeds. You should also look for a fan with simple controls so you can adjust the speed easily.


When shopping for industrial fans, you’ll often find the capacity indicated in CFM or cubic feet per minute. This number reflects how much air the fan can move. Unfortunately, most fan manufacturers don’t indicate the capacity in CFM for their products.

However, you can get a good idea of the capacity of a fan by looking at the size of the blades and speed settings. A fan with large or deep blades will typically have a higher capacity than a compact table fan.

While a high-capacity fan is great for a large bedroom or warm climates, keep in mind that moving more air will result in a higher noise level.

Additional Features to Look For When Choosing a Bedroom Fan

The following extras can help you get more out of your new bedroom fan:

  • Oscillating fans are great for covering larger rooms. You can place an oscillating fan further away from your bed and still get plenty of airflow. However, make sure you can turn this feature on and off as needed.
  • A remote control is another feature that will add value. You can even find connected fans you can control from your phone, but this feature might make a product pricier.
  • If possible, get a fan with a timer. Electricity usage can vary from 40W for a table fan to 100W for a box fan. Running a fan shouldn’t cost more than a few cents a day, but a timer can still help you reduce your environmental impact and reduce airflow once you fall asleep.
  • Fans that double as a white noise machine can be an interesting choice. White noise can cover the whirring noise of a fan and make it easier to fall asleep.

Conclusion: Which Bedroom Fan Do We Recommend?

After testing different products, I feel confident recommending the Dreo Tower Fan. This quiet bedroom fan stood out thanks to its quality construction and smart features.

It’s a great fan for the bedroom since the noise level won’t exceed 48dB. The timer and auto mode that adjusts the airflow based on the room temperature add a lot of value, and I also liked the wide oscillation angle.

Learn more about the Dreo Tower Fan here.

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