Top 5 BEST Pop-Up Trundle Beds in 2022

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Space is crucial in many homes, and adding beds can be challenging. If you don’t want to install a bunk bed and worry about the quality of a fold-out mattress, a trundle bed may be the right choice. I evaluated each of the beds below to find the best options.

I tested 15 options and found Bellemave’s Extending Daybed frame to be the best pop-up trundle bed for kids and adults alike. Sadly, there weren’t many beyond that to choose from. Trundle beds are relatively rare, to begin with, but a trundle bed that pops up to align with the regular mattress is even harder to find.

I think Bellemave’s Extending Daybed offers the best balance of price, quality, and comfort, but I found a few other choices worth considering if you’re looking for the best pop-up trundle bed that fits your bedroom arrangement.

After the five reviews below, I’ll go into more detail about these beds and what you should look for when buying them.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about these types of beds.

Top 5 Pop-Up Trundle Beds Worth Considering

Here are my favorite pop-up trundle beds from the ones I tried. Most of the beds I checked did not make it onto this list because they weren’t good enough to be worth showing you or they were too similar to existing picks.

Bellemave Extending Daybed – Best Overall

Bellemave’s extending daybed is a two-part trundle system, fitting up to three people instead of the two that most beds work with. Arguably, this shouldn’t count as the best pop-up trundle bed because the raised section doesn’t move up. Instead, it’s a frame that slides into the main section and comes straight out. A second trundle system lies on the floor.

The reason I like this bed the most is because it offers the most versatility at a highly competitive rate. The trick is deciding how you’re going to put on the upper mattress. You can store it on top of the main mattress, or even on the lower trundle area if you want to be as efficient as possible. This is extra work, but ultimately I think the results are worth it.

Like most trundle systems, Bellemave’s bed is a twin-size system. It does not require a box spring mattress, though it has several variations if you decide you don’t care about the pop-up aspect. The ideal mattresses for this bed are about four inches thick.

Ultimately, I see this as a long-term investment. The fact that the upper level can easily slide to accommodate anything from a Twin to a King mattress means you can keep using this bed even if you decide the trundle is no longer necessary. Its support for larger mattresses also means it’s the best pop-up trundle bed for adults.


  • The upper section fits all mattress sizes
  • Has an extra lower mattress area
  • Impressively affordable


  • Not suitable for thicker mattresses
  • Minimal rails to prevent rolling off
  • Relatively low weight limit 

Flieks Adjustable Popup Bed – Best Simple Frame

Sometimes, simplicity is the name of the game. That’s where this budget-focused pop-up trundle system comes into play. Flieks’ metal frame is simple but sturdy, holding up to 275 lbs with its steel construction. The trundle is somewhat lighter, holding up to 220 lbs.

Industrial metal styling won’t match every decor, though you can paint the frame to help it match the room if you genuinely want to. The comparatively low cost of this bed also helps, as it’s one of the most affordable trundle systems on the market.

One factor that’s not as obvious when you’re shopping is the airflow. This bed is a little better in warmer areas because the wide spacing between each metal bar gives air plenty of room to circulate. Put simply, this bed can keep people cooler than most trundle systems, especially if you have a fan to circulate air beneath the bed.

I also like the flexibility of the trundle system here. It has wheels and fixed risers, meaning you can keep the trundle lower if you prefer. Many systems only allow one or the other, but I think flexibility is ultimately better for consumers. Together, these details make Flieks’ bed one of the best pop-up trundle bed frame options.


  • More affordable than many other trundle systems
  • Excellent airflow
  • Solid weight capacity


  • It may fit poorly with most decor
  • Thin bars may not work well with all mattresses

Harper & Bright Frame With Drawers – Most Flexible Bed Frame

This is another case where it’s debatable whether it should count among the best pop-up trundle bed frame choices. That is: Does a bed need to rise to be a pop-up trundle, or is it accessible if the frame slides out straight at the elevated height? I go with the latter here, mainly because of the lack of options in this area.

Anyway, Harper & Bright’s frame is a flexible choice. Aside from the slide-out design that can fit up to a king-size bed, the area beneath also has a pair of drawers that you can use for storage. Efficiency is a primary concern for trundle beds, so extra permanent storage is always a good choice.

This bed is available in several styles and colors, including straight and slanted sections up top. Images show the frames without anything attached to them, but these are still canopy beds and offer the best effect if you drape something on top. Kids, in particular, are likely to enjoy that a lot.

This frame can hold up to 275 pounds with a twin mattress, or 400 pounds if you extend it and add a king mattress. Consider getting the higher-elevation design if you plan to add a king mattress, as someone sleeping close to the lower end may end up hitting their head on it.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Available in multiple colors and styles
  • More storage than other options


  • The drawers are much smaller than they could be
  • The frame isn’t suitable for all users

GLORHOME Full Size – Best Wooden Trundle

GLORHOME’s wooden trundle is a solid choice if you’re looking for a sturdy option. It’s a little more expensive than some other pop-up trundles, although it’s still affordable if you look at the whole market.

Like most pop-up systems, the trundle is separate from the bed frame and lets you put it anywhere else in the room you want. This is an important level of flexibility that is, unfortunately, missing from some of my other favorites. The wood styling is acceptably attractive, if not overly fancy.

What sets this bed apart is its sizing. Many trundle systems are twin beds if you have separate mattresses. You can’t easily find a twin bed with pop-up trundle for adults, though some trundles allow you to attach a king-size mattress instead. GLORHOME’s bed is a rare full-size option, which is big enough for a single adult while still having an extra twin below.

I kind of dislike that the trundle itself is a twin size. Full beds with pop-up trundles are rare to begin with, so they had an opportunity to let people add a larger second bed. It will do in a pinch, though. The main bed will hold about 250 pounds, while the trundle can handle 175.


  • Pleasant wood design
  • The main bed is bigger than many other trundles
  • Very stable


  • Relatively low weight limit
  • It’s not easy to put a mattress across both sections

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Bed – Best Premium Option

Beds come in many designs, but few pop-up trundles stand out quite as much as this bench-looking option from Montana Woodworks. The Glacier Country bed is handcrafted from lodge pole pine, with particularly thick wood that helps ensure its overall durability.

Unlike most trundle beds, this unit does not have flat slats crossing the bottom. Instead, the bases for the regular bed and the trundle are spring-held sections that provide plenty of tension to support people. Each part only fits a twin-size mattress, though you can align them to use a king-size mattress instead.

As a handcrafted bed, each of these is more unique than metal options. However, the manufacturer takes pride in their work, so this bed comes with a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. That’s considerably longer than most other companies provide, and it’s a nice touch.

One thing to note is that this bed is much heavier than most other options. At 170 pounds, it’s a heavy-duty pop-up trundle bed that can hold up under most abuse. It may be a little hard to move around a room, though, so expect to assemble it in place.

This is technically a wood daybed with pop-up trundle, but despite its design, it’s not wholly wood. The GLORHOME bed is a better option if you want wood with a solid frame throughout.


  • A heavy-duty, handcrafted bed
  • Impressively long warranty
  • Ideal couch for any lodge setting


  • Considerably more expensive than most other trundle beds
  • Occasional manufacturing issues 

Buying Guide

Here are some things to think about when you’re shopping for a pop-up trundle bed.

Extra Bed Styles

Trundle beds aren’t the only kind of option you have for hiding extra beds. Before going shopping, it’s vital to consider your choices, your budget, and what might fit in your home.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are the most well-known option for extra bed space. Although only helpful if you have ceilings high enough to allow them, bunk beds access unused vertical space to stack beds high. However, bunk beds may be a poor choice for children who move around a lot and could tumble over the edge, so they aren’t appropriate for all families.

Some bunk beds are only Twin-size, but you can also find Full or even Queen-size bases. Large upper sections are much rarer, partially because bunk beds need to adhere to strict quality-control guidelines.


Most popular in Japan, futons are plush mattresses that go directly on the floor. These are light enough to roll up and stow away for the day once you’re done sleeping, but also impressively comfortable. Futons are excellent for cramped environments where even a permanent bed frame may be uncomfortable.

Don’t confuse Japanese-style floor futons with western-style sofa beds. They are different products. Notably, futons don’t even count as furniture because they don’t need to stay in place. Beyond that, futons are easy to clean and comfortable enough for many guests. These can easily be a better option for guests than a trundle.

Loft Bed

Loft beds are similar to bunk beds but leave the space beneath them open for something besides another bed. In a practical sense, loft beds are often just beds on extremely tall legs, though most attach directly to studs on the wall for stability.

Loft beds are a good choice if you want to increase your floor space without increasing the number of beds in the room. However, they do require higher ceilings than most other options, so it can be harder to fit them anywhere with limited vertical space.

Bunk beds and loft beds need a ceiling about 100 inches high, which is four inches more than a regular ceiling.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are fold-down options. Some come with attached couches that you can use, while others stay against the wall. Murphy beds have minimal floor space requirements when not in use, making them particularly good if you want to keep your room as open as possible.

Murphy beds are available in anywhere from Twin to King sizes, which means they can offer just as much sleeping area as a pull-out trundle bed. They don’t work as well with older mattress types, but memory foam mattresses (currently quite popular) work excellently in them.

Murphy beds are best for occasional use rather than daily needs. Those with added sections, like couches, are better than older bed-only units.


A major competitor for trundle beds, pull-out sofas hide a thin, folding mattress inside a couch. These are lightweight and simple options that most people can manipulate by themselves, and they’re hidden when not in use.

The problem with pull-out sofas is that most aren’t comfortable. The tops are thin and often made with lower-quality materials, so guests may not get much sleep. Modern versions may be better, but the need to compact the mattress inside the sofa puts a hard cap on thickness.

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds offer an excellent balance for extra beds. By hiding the mattress below another bed, it’s possible to keep it relatively thick while still having it stay out of the way.

Trundle beds come in several forms. Some have slide-out slats to put a second mattress on. You can also place a single large mattress on these, but at that point, they’re not a trundle bed so much as a larger bed frame.

Other trundle beds have a draggable or rolling bed hidden below the first, possibly with an option to raise up to the same height. These can be a little tricky to fit a larger mattress on, but they also have the choice to move the trundle anywhere in the room. That flexibility is helpful for people who don’t want to sleep next to each other.

Sizing Concerns

Most trundle beds are Twin-size systems. This applies to both the main bed and the trundle section. You may find the occasional larger unit, but these are comparatively rare.

Most trundle beds have only two possible formats. Trundles that don’t rise are almost always Twin-only. Those that do rise may let you put on a larger mattress, but this stops you from using the trundle for anything else.

I like Bellemave’s bed frame because it lets you put a large mattress on the upper section while still letting you use the trundle. A system that sleeps three, with no extra space requirements while folded up, is better than a unit that can only sleep two at most.

Weight Concerns

Most trundle beds have a relatively low weight capacity, especially compared to main bed frames. This is especially true for pop-ups, which can’t hold quite as much as something that uses a solid structure.

Actual capacities vary, but most trundles can’t support more than 250 pounds, and that’s before you add the mattress. A twin memory foam mattress weighs about 50 pounds all by itself, which is about 20% of the trundle’s total capacity in the best scenario.

Ultimately, most trundles are not ideal for adults, and especially not for heavier adults. The combination of small size and the low weight capacity isn’t a problem for children, but it’s a poor choice if you get older.

This is why I prefer options like the Bellemave frame if you want a larger bed. Putting one mattress on an extended frame usually increases the weight capacity, so it’s much more effective for adults than wholly separate trundles.

Mattress Thickness

Most pop-up trundle beds prefer thin mattresses to help them fit under the bed. Some allow as little as four inches for the mattresses, which is considerably thinner than average and also thinner than most experts recommend. You can handle this in several ways, but ultimately, a wood daybed with a pop-up trundle is only going to get you so far if you want comfort.

This is made worse by the tendency of trundles to use slats instead of having a solid frame. You need a mattress that’s sturdy enough to lay on the slats without sinking through, which means several inches of firmer base and no option for a softer top.

The easiest answer to this is probably having a separate mattress topper that you can throw on anytime you want to use the trundle. If you slide out the base mattress and throw a plush four-inch memory foam topper above that, you’re within standard mattress thicknesses and can expect a significantly more comfortable night.

The main bed area of a trundle can usually support a thicker mattress, so that’s less of a concern. However, making the mattress too thick or too plush may make it harder to use as a couch, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for multipurpose furniture.

Assembling A Trundle Bed

Most trundle beds require at least two people to assemble. The individual parts may not be too heavy, but they are large and it can be difficult to hold everything in place with just one person. Trundle beds also tend to ship in two packages, so you may not get the entire bed at once.

Assembly time will vary based on several factors, including the frame’s complexity and your experience assembling things. You can put many frames together in about half an hour, but complex frames will naturally take more time. I suggest giving yourself at least an hour to put it together, with the option to extend by up to another hour if necessary.

Worst-case scenario, you can put the mattress on the floor for a night.

Trundle Bed Materials

Almost all trundle beds are made with wood or metal. Occasionally, you may find trundles with upholstery and padding over a wooden frame, especially if you’re not buying a pop-up frame. However, these are a little rarer.

I like metal frames the most because they’re sturdier than wood and less susceptible to damage from humidity and other environmental factors. I used a simple metal frame for my bed when I was younger, and that did a great job elevating things enough to provide storage space.

Wood is acceptable if you don’t want to get metal. Don’t bother with anything else, as the materials probably aren’t sturdy enough to hold up over time.


Most trundle beds cost between $200 and $600. You can go a little below this range, but you’re probably going to sacrifice quality. Much higher than this and you’re either into the premium range or significantly overpaying for the product.

Trundles with extra features have an easier time justifying their price tags. However, some companies want to provide cheap, low-strength frames at a high cost, so pay close attention to each product before you go shopping.

My favorite trundle beds aren’t pop-ups at all. Rather, they’re slide-out mattresses that also have drawers underneath. This offers maximum versatility, and when every inch matters for furniture, more storage is always nice.

Extra Features

Several features help set high-quality trundle beds apart from the competition.

Most trundles have casters, which make it easy to slide them in and out from under the bed. These are easiest to use on hard floors, but a little more challenging on carpeting.

Trundles may also have multiple elevation options, making them a little more flexible.


Here are some common questions that people have about pop-up trundle beds and similar topics.

Can a trundle bed be raised?

Some trundle beds can be raised, but not all. Pop-up frames are more flexible and can support bigger mattresses, but fixed-frame designs that stay close to the ground may have higher weight capacities.

Can adults sleep on trundle beds?

Yes. Most trundle beds can fit a single adult, even if you don’t put a larger mattress on them. They may not be as large or as comfortable as the user wants, but they’re viable options for guest beds.

Is a trundle bed good for sleeping on every night?

No. Trundle beds work best as temporary sleeping arrangements, rather than full-time beds. The main reason for this is that most trundles don’t have mattresses that are thick enough for genuine comfort.

If you’re looking for a full-time extra bed, consider a bunk bed, a futon, or a Murphy bed. 

What’s the difference between a daybed and a trundle bed?

A trundle bed has a mattress hidden below the first one, while a day bed is designed so that you can both sit and sleep on it. Many trundle beds are also day beds, as these are not mutually exclusive qualities.

How much weight can a trundle bed hold?

Most trundle beds cannot hold more than 250 pounds at most, including the mattress. They are not suitable for heavier users.

Are trundle beds removable?

Some trundle beds are removable. Any trundle completely detached from the frame is easy to move around the room, or even into another room entirely.


Trundle beds are interesting products, and pop-up trundles are even more so. They’re a creative and effective way to have some extra bedding on demand, which can be helpful when space is tight. Flexibility is the most important thing, which is why I think Bellemave’s extended daybed (a combination of couch and up to three-person bed system) is the best option for most people.

One thing most manufacturers don’t want to admit is that most pop-up trundle beds are fundamentally similar. There’s only so much you can change if you’re going to slide one mattress under another and still have it work as furniture. That’s why genuine features, including sleeping more people than usual, are the best way to tell these beds apart from each other.

Finally, note that you can get creative with some systems. For example, you may be able to place a single large mattress on two frames and have a pair of beds slide out from under it. Think about what you need from a trundle bed, then how you can get it.

If you’re looking for a regular bed, though, take a loot at Bellemave’s first and go from there.

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