The Best Sound Machines with White Noise, Rain, or Nature Sounds for a Blissful Night’s Sleep (Updated 2024 Review Guide)

Having trouble falling asleep or sleeping in silence? No worries! We've got a solution that may help you get back to dreamland in no time! Imagine being surrounded by the gentle sound of falling rain, the soothing splash of waves crashing on the shore, or even the soft hum of a fan...

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Sound machines, sometimes called white noise machines, make it possible to create the perfect sleep oasis in any room. Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, these devices can help you block out unwanted noise and provide a sense of tranquility that is essential for a good night’s rest. So why not give them a try and discover the benefits for yourself? Sweet dreams are waiting for you!

Not only do sound machines create a tranquil environment, but they also reduce stress and anxiety and block out unwanted noise! In this review, we’ll uncover the top sound machines available and how they can revolutionize your sleep experience. Research, like this study, shows that with a white noise machine by your bedside, you’ll enjoy more restorative sleep and wake up less often each night. Say goodbye to restless nights, and hello to sweet dreams!

The most effective sound machines produce relaxing sounds that block out external noises, such as talking roommates, barking dogs, and cars on the street. After testing and comparing dozens of options and gathering feedback from customer reviews, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best sound machines that are sure to help you fall asleep and stay asleep quickly.

Our top pick is the Sound+Sleep SE Premium Sound Machine. It features an audio output, high-fidelity speaker, and dual USB charging, all of which enhance the user experience. Additionally, the machine incorporates adaptive sound technology that automatically adjusts to the noise level of your sleeping environment, actively drowning out disturbances and helping you sleep soundly through the night.

Below, we have provided some alternative picks for the best sound machine, along with a guide to help you through the buying process. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Sound+Sleep SE Premium Sound Machine

Best Overall

  • Patented Adaptive Sound technology automatically changes volume to mask sounds in your sleeping environment
  • Convenient dual USB charging ports for mobile devices
  • 3.5mm jack to connect headphones and external speakers
  • Auxiliary audio input to play your own sounds, meditations, podcasts, and more
  • Front-facing LEDs can be easily disabled
  • 64 Non-Looping Sounds recorded by professional audio engineers
  • Modern, intelligent design and features 
  • Built-in adjustable sleep timer 
  • Varying levels of complexity for each sound type

If you’re looking for premium audio, intelligent features, and a variety of sound profiles, the Sound+Sleep SE Premium is the last sound machine you’ll need. Featuring a diverse selection of non-looping audio tracks recorded in the real world by professional audio engineers, this top-tier sound machine has something for everyone. It can even automatically adjust its volume in real time based on the noise level of your sleeping environment!

This premium white noise machine has all the features of the standard Sound+Sleep Sound Machine and adds more distinctive natural sound profiles like rain, waterfall, ocean, and meadow, delivering one of the largest built-in sound libraries of any sound machine on the market. Every audio track is non-looping, guaranteeing zero distractions to your sleep.

This machine’s exclusive Adaptive Sound technology constantly monitors your surroundings and adjusts its output volume to block out unwanted noises. If your pet begins snoring or the nearby street becomes noisy, the volume will automatically adjust to keep you snoozing through the night.

You can also listen to your own preferred audio tracks in high-fidelity thanks to an auxiliary audio input port. If you don’t want to disturb others, you can use the 3.5mm audio output to easily connect to earbuds, headphones, a speaker pillow, or another portable speaker.

Another distinctive feature of the Sound+Sleep SE Premium is its dual USB-charging system, which allows you to charge two mobile devices simultaneously without taking up valuable space in your nearest AC outlet.

This sound machine plays all night long by default, but you can also switch on the integrated sleep timer to gradually lower the volume in 30, 60, 90, or 120-minute intervals. The status indicator lights on the front of the device can also be disabled with the push of a button if you’re sensitive to lights in your sleep space.

Chock full of intelligent features, a diverse list of high-quality audio tracks, and precise volume control, the Sound+Sleep SE Premium has a modern and low-key design, making it a great addition to any nightstand.

  • Adaptive volume control adjusts to your sleeping environment in real time
  • Easily connect external speakers or headphones
  • Diverse array of nature, city, and white noise sounds
  • Sleep timer
  • LEDs can be disabled for a pitch-black sleeping environment
  • Somewhat larger, doesn’t travel as well as other options
  • Premium price tag, but worth every penny

The best sound machines should be convenient for both adults and kids. That’s why the Hatch Rest+ primarily caters to toddlers, infants, and elementary school kids while utilizing smart controls and parent-friendly features like the toddler lock to prevent curious hands from accidentally disabling something without permission.

Best for Babies
Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine
  • Sunrise alarm clock, nightlight, and sound machine in one elegant design
  • Wireless and easy to move for nap time, play time, late-night diaper changes, and more
  • Supports healthy bedtime and wakeup routines
  • Customizable color for personalization and to signal different times or activities
  • Connect to WiFi to adjust settings from anywhere in your home
  • 11 on-board sounds with optional subscription service for an expanded library
  • Charging dock and 8-hour backup battery to keep routines consistent, even during power outages

The gadget features a wide range of nature sound profiles. These include water streams, crickets, dryers, and more, all customizable to your child’s unique sleep environment. You can personalize the device through a companion app compatible with Android and iOS devices for a better user experience.

Another intriguing element of the Hatch+ is the color projector display with various color options. Adjust the color and brightness according to your baby’s routine, be it bedtime, nap time, evening unwinding, or quiet time.

The device’s high-capacity battery can also charge the sound machine for up to 8 hours, which supports routines during power outages and storms. The convenient charging base allows you to pick up the Rest+ and take it to any room you need for diaper changes, snack time, playtime, nap time, and more!

Hatch offers its customers a 60-night trial period, after which you can return it for full compensation if dissatisfied with its performance. You’ll also enjoy a 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Most users love the Hatch+ for its versatility, particularly the in-built night lighting. Many also appreciate that they can adjust the settings on their mobiles. However, some customers complain about the app’s functionality, claiming it sometimes disconnects from Wi-Fi.

  • All-in-one nightlight, sound machine, and alarm clock
  • Nice variety of lullabies and nature sounds
  • Hands-free brightness and volume control
  • Customizable color options
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Portable design w/dock and rechargeable battery
  • Great for babies, toddlers, and older kids alike
  • Companion app and WiFi connection can be temperamental
  • Number of included sounds is small for such a premium price tag
  • Touch controls are lacking
  • Subscription service gates many sounds that should be included

Unlike most sound machines, the LectroFan doesn’t feature nature sounds or LED lighting. So, if you’re shopping for the best white noise machine, you’ll get just that!

Best White Noise
LectroFan White Noise
  • Doesn't introduce new lights to your sleep space
  • 20 non-looping white, pink, and brown noise options
  • Uncomplicated, minimalistic design for ease-of-use
  • Built-in cable management
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Adjustable sleep timer

The LectroFan offers 20 non-looping sounds, which include ten white noise and ten fan sounds. And it’s easy to use! With just three buttons, you can make adjustments without fumbling through multiple buttons and knobs.

The volume control is also highly sensitive. You won’t experience difficulties finding the right volume setting to block out the external sounds keeping you awake at night. It is perfect for anybody who wants to sleep with white noise or novice white noise lovers who don’t like nature sounds or a complex design.

We love LectroFan for its simplicity and tiny size, which makes it a great portable sound machine.

Although it cannot run on batteries, the integrated power cable has an AC adapter and a separate USB cable. While on the move, you can power the device using a PC or Power bank.

If you experience problems falling asleep, you can set an automatic timer in an-hour intervals with the LectroFan. However, if you want continuous sounds to remain asleep, you may run the machine all night for substantially less energy than a fan requires.

  • High sound quality with undetectable loops
  • Simple button layout is easy to use
  • Doesn't introduce new lights to your bedroom
  • Compact and portable
  • Built-in cable management
  • Straightforward design doesn't overcomplicate things
  • Limited sound library doesn't feature nature or city sounds
  • Not battery-powered

If you experience difficulties falling asleep away from home, the LectroFan Micro2 is for you. It utilizes advanced technology to create dynamic, realistic fan sounds. Fan sounds never repeat or loop, allowing for zero distractions.

Best for Travel
LectroFan Micro2
  • 11 non-looping sounds, including white noise, fan, and ocean varieties
  • Bluetooth-Compatible: play your own sounds, music, audiobooks, meditations, and more!
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Fill the room or rotate the speaker for directional sound
  • Onboard microphone for taking calls without disconnecting
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 40 hours of audio

With the LectroFan Micro2, you’ll enjoy a variety. Choose from 5 fan sounds, four white noise variations, and two nature sounds to shut out distractions to help you drift to sleep and remain asleep longer.

Do you enjoy falling asleep while listening to a podcast, audiobook, or music? Well, this sound machine doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. It might not sound as good as other wireless speakers. However, the built-in microphone lets you receive calls without disconnecting from BT mode.

The LectroFan Micro2 features a switch on/off button, controls to play or pause sounds, forward or skip tracks, and even regulate volume. You’ll find the device to be very user-friendly whether you use it as a Bluetooth speaker or sound machine.

If you focus on aesthetics, you’ll appreciate the range of color options available, including red, white, black, and blue. Perhaps the only thing we dislike about this white noise machine is that it doesn’t have a built-in sleep timer.

However, LectroFan Micro2’s rechargeable battery can last for up to 40 hours as a sound machine. Plus, it stays charged for about 20 hours in BT speaker mode. So, there’s no need to worry about it failing you during power outages.

  • No detectable looping - great for simple white noise/fan sounds
  • Also functions as a Bluetooth speaker
  • Highly portable and great for travel
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting battery
  • Impressive audio for such a small device
  • Great performance at an affordable price
  • No sleep timer
  • Microphone works but quality is questionable
  • Included sound profiles aren't very diverse, but Bluetooth compatibility remedies this
  • Buttons may be difficult to navigate at night for some people
  • May not last as long as more premium options

Our last entry on the list today is a bit of a wildcard, and it may not be for everyone. Still, we think the Dreamlight Muse Bluetooth Sleep Mask is a worthy mention here for those who want to get a little more intimate with their audio of choice. While it isn’t strictly a white noise machine by design, the Muse is a Bluetooth-capable sleep mask that helps you drown out the world around you with a total light-blocking design and a speaker on either side of the mask.

Best Wearable
Dreamlight Muse Bluetooth Sleep Mask
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers for soothing sounds
  • Cutout interior designed with AI face-mapping software for minimal pressure points
  • Plush interior provides total light blocking for 100% blackout
  • Rechargeable audio receiver holds battery for 10 hours of playback time
  • Hand-washable
  • Recharges in 75 minutes
  • Roomy eyecups great for long lashes

The Dreamlight Muse is the perfect solution for bridging the gap for bed partners with different sleeping preferences. Does your partner need to sleep with light, but you prefer darkness? The Muse has a total-blackout design that was achieved by scanning over 3000 faces with AI-powered face-mapping technology to ensure a perfect fit for the majority of wearers. What if you prefer to sleep with white noise or drift off with a guided meditation, but your partner needs total silence to sleep? The Muse is just loud enough to give you an acoustic blanket to deaden outside noises but quiet enough that your partner won’t hear your audio even from mere inches away.

The luxurious cutouts are large and provide plenty of space without putting pressure directly on your eyes, and the adjustable velcro strap makes it easy to find the right fit for any head size. The included battery recharges in just 75 minutes and will play sounds for up to ten hours through the whole night if you want it to. With the freedom of Bluetooth, you can start your night right with an audiobook, white noise, your favorite music, a podcast, a guided meditation, or any other songs or sounds you can dream of. Coupled with a plush, soft fabric, this hand-washable Bluetooth sleep mask is the most personal white noise machine you never knew you needed.

  • Bluetooth speakers can play any audio
  • Battery life of ten hours
  • Recharges in 75 minutes
  • Washable
  • 100% blackout
  • Not ideal for side sleepers
  • Better suited to daytime naps

Buyer’s Guide (How To Choose the Best White Noise and Sound Machines)

You’ve heard and learned about white noise and sound machines and want to try them out for blissful sleep. But how do you select a machine that will best match your requirements?

With many options available, selecting the best white noise machine for sleeping might be difficult. This section will guide you on some things to consider when shopping for one to ensure you make a well-informed choice.

Sound Variety

Individuals have a range of sleep needs. When selecting a sound machine, choose something that suits your sleeping pattern. Do you feel more at ease with white noise, fan sounds, or nature sounds?

If you get bored hearing the same sound every night, search for a model with more sound options. Some machines feature more than 20 sounds. This allows you to enjoy more diversity based on your current moods and demands.

However, if you want a substitute for the fan sounds, a simple model with about three sound options may be enough.

Volume Control

A white noise device should be loud enough to shut out any external sounds that might cause sleep disruption. These can range from a snoring partner to vehicles on the street.

Nevertheless, an overly loud machine might be as disruptive as the sounds you want to shut out. Besides, a high volume could harm you or your kid’s ears.

Most sound machines have a greater range of sensitive controls and volume settings. However, some minimalist or lower-end models might only offer a couple of volume controls.

Smart Features

As with other electronics, numerous white noise machines currently provide smart features, such as integration with home networks or mobile applications.

These devices also feature functions like lighting or personalized routines that facilitate app connectivity. In most cases, such features aren’t necessary. However, it could be beneficial if you want a sleep machine for your kid.


The best white noise machines should be small enough to sit beside your bed. This allows you to reach over and activate it once you’re ready for bed. The gadget’s size also dictates how portable it is.

Choose a lightweight, compact model if you have trouble falling asleep at friends’ homes or hotel rooms. A compact model is a manageable size to carry around, as it will occupy much room in your bag.


Some people want their sound machine to run throughout the night, whereas others want it to shut off automatically at some point. Most modern white noise machines feature a timer. However, this timer could range from automated shutoffs to app-controlled on/off timers.

Clean Loop

The best sound machines often run their audio on loops. Preferably, the machine should transition in a way that’s hard to detect once it’s restarted.

Unfortunately, some models have a distinct break between loops. The changeover may awaken light sleepers. This could be an even greater concern for audio recordings with shorter loops, like those running only a minute or so.

We recommend choosing electronic sound machines that provide non-looping audio.


Numerous sound machines feature no lighting, whereas others have integrated clock screens or work as night lamps. You should select a model with minimal lighting or one with dimmable lights.


Do you want the design of your sound machine to match your home’s décor? Some models focus on compactness and portability while also complementing a room’s aesthetic, whereas others solely focus on aesthetics.

Whether your focus is the machine’s aesthetics or functionality, find a design that matches your needs.

User’s Age

Many of the best white noise machines for sleeping can work for people of all ages, whether or not they’re promoted as such. However, you should consider some of the features when shopping.

A model with lullabies, soft sounds, and night lighting may be appropriate for newborns. On the other hand, adults might prefer a device that provides nature sounds or meditations.


Generally, simplistic white noise machines are more affordable. More advanced and sophisticated machines often include features such as night lights, timers, and clocks. But they also come at a higher price.

Although these features are helpful, you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need. It’s important to shop within your budget while ensuring the sound machine meets your specific needs.

Additional Features

The market for white noise devices is somewhat saturated. Thus, numerous manufacturers strive to stand out from competitors with additional functions like lighting, alarms, and USB charging.

Based on your requirements, these features may vary in importance. For instance, if you share a room with someone who doesn’t like these sleep sounds, you should consider headphone jacks as an extra feature.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Sound Machines

What is white noise?

White noise features all the audible frequencies that come together into what we interpret as a buzzing sound. Typical everyday white noise sources include television static, air conditioners, and fans.

White noise devices frequently generate brown or pink noises as well. These are like white noise but highlight lower sound frequencies for a deeper sound with a more calming effect.

Typically, these sounds are more tranquil. Relaxing noises, such as waves and rain, tend to fall within this frequency range. Violet, gray, and blue noises also exist, but most sound machines don’t feature these as they tend to be less relaxing.

Are white noise machines safe for kids?

Sleep sound devices are safe for kids. They help to generate a stable, tranquil environment that shuts out distractive noises. Nevertheless, exercise caution because it is possible to become dependent on these machines for sleep.

Additionally, it’s vital to maintain the noise at a good level. Don’t blast the volume next to your kid’s head throughout the night, as it could damage their ears.

Where should you position the white noise machine?

Preferably, you should keep your white noise machine on your bedside table. Alternatively, if your machine has a companion app, you’ll want your phone to be accessible as well.

However, devices with auto-timers don’t have to be adjusted at night. This means you can place it out of arm’s reach. .

How frequently should you utilize white noise machines with kids?

You shouldn’t use white noise machines for the entire day on your baby. It’s important to give them time to become accustomed to normal household noises and the sound of your voice.

You should use the device for soothing your kid’s fussiness and enhancing nighttime sleep and naps.

The Bottom Line

Getting enough sleep is important, but getting quality sleep is even more vital for good health. If you’re having trouble sleeping, a white noise machine might be just what you need to shut out any unwanted noise and encourage a more peaceful slumber.

There are plenty of options available, but our personal favorite is the Sound+Sleep SE Premium. With its impressive list of features and patented Adaptive Sound technology, it truly is the best sound machine on the market! Ultimately, the best choice comes down to your unique needs and preferences. So, if you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, don’t hesitate to pick up a sound machine today! Sweet dreams!

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