Best Twin Mattresses for Daybeds (Plus How to Choose) 2023

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Daybeds don’t need box springs since the bed frames are supported platforms for each mattress, so all you need to focus on is buying the mattress. However, not all twin mattresses are created equal. There are regular twin mattresses, narrow twin, and twin XL. Not to mention, types of mattresses; innerspring coiled, memory foam, pillow top… It can be pretty overwhelming for any consumer.

After testing several dozens of mattresses for the specific purpose of being used on a daybed, I found 10 excellent choices that meet the proper criteria of what any daybed needs in means of size, comfort, and type for precisely the kind of sleeper you are, whether its side, back or stomach.

The fact is, owning a daybed is supposed to be ultra-convenient when it comes to style and space. Daybeds are attractive pieces of furniture with a couch-like bed. In addition, they are usually accompanied by an undercarriage trundle bed, making for easy cleanup and extra sleeping space for family members or guests. So, why make things complicated when buying the best twin mattresses for daybeds?

A daybed platform is usually 38 inches by 75 inches, which will fit a standard twin-size mattress. However, when you own a daybed with a trundle, you need two mattresses to complete the bed.

So, another major conundrum comes when you ask yourself, do you buy two of the same mattresses for each platform or pick two different types of mattresses?

The choice is yours, and that decision might be easily reached when knowing the comfort level and price.

In this list, I removed the guesswork for you, finding the suitable mattresses that are ultimately best for daybeds. I will answer by giving you the best mattress and how to choose which ones might be best for you. The following mattresses rank high in comfort, thickness, and overall greatness.

Making The Right Choice

Making the right choice on purchasing the best mattress for your daybed comes down to several factors.


Comfort is first and foremost when it comes to choosing a mattress. Honestly, no deal is going to beat out comfort in the end. You will spend approximately eight hours a day in a bed, every day. Skimping on comfort will cost you more in the long run. Inadequate sleep can lead to all sorts of long-term ailments, and when a bed isn’t comfortable, it will result in poor sleep and achy joints.


Support is right up there with comfort. If a bed has no support, it will fail very quickly. Support will help prevent waking up stiff in the mornings, just as it will inhibit premature sagging of the mattress. In addition, excellent support will ensure a longer life span for your mattress.


Firmness is subjective. However, firmness is a combination of comfort and support. Remember The childhood tale about the girl who slept in a bed that was too hard. Then, the next was too soft. Eventually, she found the one that was just right.

This powerful story is about finding the ‘just right’ in life. Firmness will determine if a bed is right for you. Even though a bed is soft and makes you sink like a cloud, it doesn’t mean it’s supportive. Nevertheless, just because a bed is firm enough to bounce a roll of quarters doesn’t mean it has any comfort. Finding the best mattress takes effort.

Sleep Position Has Everything To Do With It

How you sleep can help determine what type of mattress you should buy for your daybed. Just like knowing what height loft of a pillow should be by which way you sleep, you should pick your mattress the same way. For example, if you sleep on your stomach, you don’t want a high loft pillow because it will push your neck instead of support it. Finding the best mattress that supports your body depends on how you plan to sleep on your new daybed.

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers have the best options because they can go firm or soft, depending on their preference. Based on the average purchase history of a back sleeper, the recommended firmness for a back sleeper is medium firmness, rating between 5 and 7, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest level.

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers need extra support in the curves of their bodies. That support comes from the mattress contouring to the body. A softer bed, usually of memory foam or polyfoam, will provide the contouring support needed. The average purchase history recommends a soft to medium firmness rating between 3 to 6, but some side sleepers choose to go firmer and use pillows to prop up where needed.

Stomach Sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach or the ‘starfish sleepers’ need a bit of firmness to the mattress. A soft mattress can cause too much contour around the head, which can cause a wrenched neck. The average purchase history recommends a medium-firm rating between 4 to 9, so how hard you go then becomes a personal preference.

The Tosser

A person that tosses a lot or isn’t committed to one position in bed has more leeway when picking the firmness rating of a new mattress. However, tossing in bed can mean that you aren’t getting proper sleep due to discomfort of the mattress, or it could be something more concerning like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition, so if you toss a lot in your sleep and wake up feeling restless, it might be time to mention it to your doctor.  

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It’s time to get to the cream of the crop as I break down the best mattresses for a daybed since you now know what to look out for and the preferred position you like to sleep in.

Best Overall

Leesa Original Bed-in-a-Box

Type: Memory Foam

Sleep Style: Works for all sleeping styles.

Firm Rating: Soft-Medium, between 4 to 6.

Price: $747.99

Features: Three layers of foam, High airflow responsive cooling top layer made of breathable Twill.

The original sometimes remains the best, and that’s the case for Leesa Original bed-in-a-box. Leesa has three layers of foam, each designed for a specific purpose. The top layer of foam lies just under the breathable twill cover.

As the thinnest layer of foam, it supplies comfort. Layer two is about double the size of the first layer. It focuses on pressure relief. It is the part that will contour and mold with you as you move. The final layer is the thickest and designated to support you for a long-lasting sleeping relationship.

Leesa is known for providing relief to restless and achy sleepers. It’s on the higher end of the price scale, but consumers said they would buy this mattress again.

Best Hybrid

Early Bird Performance 10-Inch Hybrid Mattress 

Type: Innerspring, Memory Foam, Copper Infused

Sleep Style: Works for all sleeping styles

Firm Rating: Medium, between 5 and 7.

Price: $571.99

Features: Multi-layer design. Three levels of foam on top of innerspring coils give support, comfort, and firmness to all types of sleepers. The copper-infused first layer of foam has medicinal properties to alleviate painful joints and muscles.

This mattress has the duality for those who like firm or soft mattresses since it has a plushness that will contour to your body and a solid firmness for support. The innerspring allows the foam to move without shifting disturbances. A combination like this allows for a deeper sleep.

The mattress comes in a box and decompresses quickly for faster installation. In addition, consumers note that the bed doesn’t suffer long-term weight distribution issues or sag over time after continuous use.

Best for Allergies

Lucid 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam

Type: Memory Foam

Sleep Style: Stomach, Back.

Firm Rating: Firm, between 7 and 9.

Price: $175.52

Features: Gel-infused memory foam, Hypoallergenic bamboo, Charcoal infused.

If you are looking for firmness, this mattress is spot-on fantastic for anyone that suffers from allergies or skin sensitivities. It has a charcoal base that is great for eliminating odors. In addition, it has a transition layer of foam before reaching the top layer of gel-infused memory foam, which will keep you cooler as you sleep. 

If you are like me and suffer from allergies, you’ll be happy to know that the bamboo is hypoallergenic. The cover is soft and breathable, so you can benefit from that cooling gel that will contour to your body.

Best Cooling

ZINUS 8-Inch Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Type: Memory Foam

Sleep Style: Stomach, Back.

Firm Rating: Medium, between 4 to 6

Price: $214.99

Features: Memory foam, Infused with green tea cooling gel.

If you are looking for a cool night’s sleep, the Zinus Green Tea cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress is on the mark. The base foam supports longevity, while the middle layer is contouring to your body. The top layer is where the cooling gel will naturally cool down your resting body throughout the night.

Be careful not to use a mattress protector when trying to utilize the full advantage of the cooling gel. The protector will block the cooling technology, which might make you hot.

Best Affordable Hybrid

Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium-Firm Mattress

Type: Hybrid

Sleep Style: Works for all sleeping styles.

Firm Rating: Medium.

Price: $122.80

Features: Hybrid, Memory foam, innerspring.

The top layer is a quilted memory foam that provides a pillowtop feel, giving a plush surface as you pleasantly sink into the supportive innerspring coils. It is like a combination of sweet and salty, but we’re talking mattresses instead of food. Nevertheless, it is a dynamic combination for a fantastic night’s sleep.

The Linenspa has exceptional customer service. Their mattresses have been rated comparable to other high-end mattresses, but to my delight, Linenspa remains to keep their budget-friendly price tag. It is the highest-rated affordable hybrid with the ability to avoid weight distribution issues. 

Best Lightweight Mattress

Signature Sleep Memoir 8″ High-Density, Responsive Memory Foam Mattress

Type: Memory Foam

Sleep Style: Works for all sleeping styles.

Firm Rating: Medium, between 3 to 5.

Price: $249.99

Features: High-density Memory Foam, Lightweight, Soft knit cover, Peace of mind, fire retardant barrier.

Signature Sleep Memoir is a responsive memory foam that will contour and hug your body as you move. It has low to no movement transfer when rolling in bed or weight distribution. The mattress is lightweight, approximately 25.5 pounds, making it easy to install. The soft knit cover is inviting, making it a nice ‘no-slip’ surface for sheets. The mattress itself has three layers of foam for comfort and support. The final layer is high-density to provide an edge-to-edge sleep.

That means if you hug the edge of the bed, this mattress will continue to support instead of sinking, prohibiting you from feeling like you’re going to fall off the side of the bed.

Best Affordability 

Home Life 3260Twin Mattress

Type: Coil

Sleep Style: 

Firm Rating: Firm, between 8 to10

Price: $82.99

Features: 100% GreenFoam Certified Foam, Coil innerspring.

The Home Life 3260 is an innerspring coil mattress with a top layer of 100% GreenFoam Certified Foam for pillow-like comfort. The coils are individually wrapped. The mattress is compressed and rolled for delivery. It only takes minutes to hours to decompress, so it’s ready for installation. It is a perfect mattress for the undercarriage trundle bed on a daybed.

Home Life takes pride in making a ‘no-squeak’ coil mattress. If you prefer coils, but are worried about a squeaky bed, this is an excellent option to buy.

Best Reviewed

Modway Aveline Bed Mattress Conventional

Type: Memory Foam

Sleep Style: Works for all sleeping styles.

Firm Rating: Medium, between 5 to 7.

Price: $171.59

Features: Cooling, gel-infused, Diamond-stitched knit cover.

Aveline by Modway is a memory foam mattress with gel-infused cooling to keep your resting body cool on hot and humid nights. The cover is a breathable diamond-stitched knit that helps the mattress conform better to your body as you move. The support is great for all weight classes without sagging.

The mattress is heavier, so make sure you decompress close to the daybed for easy transfer onto the platform.

Best Soft Mattress

Best 2 Rest Memory Foam Mattress Cool Gel-Infused

Type: Memory Foam

Sleep Style: Back, Side.

Firm Rating: Soft

Price: $260.00

Features: High-density foam, Cooling gel-infused.

The Best 2 Rest mattress is a supportive, soft bed with cooling technology. It’s the perfect mattress if you are looking for soft, cloud-like comfort. It’s a mattress that you will melt into while you sleep. It is best for back or side sleepers since it fully contours into your body.

When it comes to soft mattresses, there is always a concern if the support has longevity. However, the Best 2 Rest Memory Foam mattress gave continued support for months after purchase, with no sagging.

Best for Pressure Relief

TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Limited Twin

Type: T&N Adaptive Foam

Sleep Style: Works for all sleeping styles.

Firm Rating: Medium, between 4 to 7.

Price: $695.00

Features: T&N Adaptive Foam, Graphite Cooling Technology, Antimicrobial Protection.

Tuft & Needle uses open cell technology to have their foam contour to your every movement. In addition, graphite gel-infused cooling technology will wick away moisture to keep you feeling cool on hot nights. The mattress is a limited-edition mattress featuring HeiQ HyProTecht, which means that it prevents bacteria growth that causes foul odors. 

The bed is firm yet conforming to the body. So if you wake up tired with lots of aches and pains from sleeping, this mattress might be just the one to help you dream better again.

Buying Guide

When buying a mattress or two for your daybed, it’s best to know what type of mattress you are looking to buy. As you can see by now, many mattresses are on the market today, offering foams to coils and a blend of the two. Know which type you like before making a large purchase. Your body will appreciate it.

Online Purchase

When buying online, it’s a good idea to look at the purchase reviews to get an idea about the product. There are plenty of horror reviews when purchasing online, but take note if it’s one or many of the same complaints. In most cases, people who are happy with their purchase don’t think to review online, unlike those that are unhappy customers.

Firmness Is Subjective

The appropriate firmness of the bed is based on opinion. It comes down to your own judgment. A bad review based on the firmness of the mattress isn’t a review based on the quality of the product. It’s the preference of the customer.


After reviewing all the best mattresses for daybeds, I can honestly say that any one of these mattresses would be an excellent purchase. My favorite would have to be still the one Best for Allergies or Best for Pressure Relief since I like the hypoallergenic aspect. Plus, I’m a sleeping starfish, so I need a medium-firm. Do you know which of these best mattresses for a daybed suit you?

  1. Best Overall: Leesa Original Bed-in-a-Box
  2. Best Hybrid: Early Bird Performance 10-Inch Hybrid Mattress
  3. Best for Allergies: Lucid 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam
  4. Best Cooling: ZINUS 8-Inch Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  5. Best Affordable Hybrid: Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium-Firm Mattress
  6. Best Lightweight Mattress: Signature Sleep Memoir 8″ High-Density, Responsive Memory Foam Mattress
  7. Best Affordability: Home Life 3260Twin Mattress
  8. Best Reviewed: Modway Aveline Bed Mattress Conventional
  9. Best Soft Mattress: Best 2 Rest Memory Foam Mattress Cool Gel-Infused
  10. Best for Pressure Relief: TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Limited Twin
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Nate Devore
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