5+ Best Star Projector Night Lights (For Adults and Kids)

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Enjoying star projector night lights while sleeping

Few bedroom decorations offer as much fun as star projector night lights. Whether they help your kid fall asleep or give you something fun to watch while lying in bed, projector lights are a great way to liven up or calm your bedroom down. Perhaps you could even break them out at your next party for extra ambiance and fun!

There are so many star projector lights on the market that it is hard to know which ones are the best. To aid you in your decision, we’ve done a little research and come up with the best star projector night lights for both kids and adults. The One Fire Star Projector is one of the best night lights for adults and kids alike, but you’ll find lots of recommendations here to find the perfect product to gift to yourself or someone else.

Best Star Projector Night Lights in 2022

Best Star Projector Night Light for Adults: Sky Lite 2.0 Galaxy Projector

Star Projectors almost do not get more state-of-the-art than the Sky Lite Galaxy Projector. Bluetooth phone app control, check. Various soothing ambiance sounds, check. Different light patterns to suit your fancy, check.

You can customize everything in the BlissLights app, including whether you want red, green, or blue nebula clouds, how fast the stars move through that cloud, and whether you want energizing or calming effects.

If you create a setting that you like, you can save it in the app, which allows you to save up to ten configurations. You can also set a timer for how long the Sky Lite will run, all the way from one hour to 24 hours.

Though more of a nitpick, it would be cool if the Sky Lite included a shooting star now and then. Still, for the colors and patterns you can combine, it can shoot any room’s ambiance into the stars.


  • Connect With the BlissLights App to Save Up to Ten Custom Configurations 
  • Choose From Three Nebula Cloud Color Combinations (Red, Green, and Blue)
  • Bright, Vibrant Colors Light Up a Whole Room
  • Two Light Effects Options (Energizing or Calming)


  • You Won’t See Shooting Stars in This Galaxy

Best Star Projector Night Light for Kids: Ontel Star Belly Dream Lites

A stuffed animal with a night light in its tummy? Give us a cuter concept for a children’s night light—we dare you.

The Ontel Star Belly Dream Lites each have a simple belly button that you press to activate the light. They also cycle through six calming colors at a customizable slow or fast pace while a mobile motion mechanism rotates the galaxy (that can remain stationary if you like).

You can set up the 20-minute timer so it will turn off once your child has fallen asleep. Or you can keep the colors going as long as you like during playtime in the day.

If your child just wants a night light, you can sit them up and project the lights into the room. If they want both a cuddle buddy and a night light, these animals work great as both. The lights are easy to work so your child can play around with them independently.

There are two downsides to this adorable and versatile plushy. Not only do they not play music, but they are also exceptionally bright. You might want to be careful about children looking directly into the projector. 


  • Kid-Friendly 
  • Rotating Light Show Cycles Through Six Soothing Colors
  • Several Animals To Choose From
  • Features a 20-Minute Automatic Shut Off


  • The Projector Light is Quite Bright
  • Does Not Play Music

Best Star Projector Night Light for a Baby: Sunnest Moon Projector

We covered the best projectors for adults and kids, but the Sunnest Moon Projector is an excellent option for the youngest humans. This particular projector has a dome-shaped top so the lights can spread all around the room, not just the ceiling. 

What makes it stand out further is all the button combinations you can use to create the perfect ambiance, such as plain white, a single color, or many colors. The lights can either rotate or stay still.

The brightness is pretty good, too, since it illuminates the room without making it difficult to fall asleep. This projector features an extra dome if you need to mute the colors a little and turn it into a night light. Plus, you have the choice of operating the projector through batteries or a plug-in adapter, making it the perfect on-the-go projector.

Unlike other projectors on this list, though, there is no timer for turning it off. However, again, for parents looking in on sleeping babies using this product, that should make checking on them a little easier.


  • Different Light and Speed Combinations
  • Choose Stationary or Rotating Stars and Moons
  • Bright Enough to Check on Children Without Turning On Lights
  • Use Batteries or a Plug-In Adaptor


  • No Automatic Shut-Off

Best Star Projector for Adults and Kids: One Fire Star Projector

The One Fire Star Projector builds on everything we have seen so far with the addition of music control. Through either Bluetooth, TF card, or cable, you can play your favorite songs while enjoying the swirling wave show on your ceiling. An included remote control allows you to change the light mode, adjust the music volume, and turn off the timer.

This projector allows you to choose from 21 brightness levels to use the projector at any time of day and for any reason. You can set a timer or leave the projector on for as long as you need.

Additionally, this projector features eight preset soothing sounds, such as a piano melody, gentle rainfall, guitar songs, or even bird calls. The ocean wave light visual is also an excellent touch that mimics the feeling of being underwater, a beautiful and soothing experience. It is also perfect for a mermaid-themed party or movie night.

There are eight combinations, all of which include pink, green, blue, and some flashes of red. You may have some fun playing with those combinations and seeing which you enjoy for sleep, partying, meditation, and other activities.

If there was one drawback, it would be that the sound quality is not the greatest. There is not a lot of bass or power to it, but we think it is more important that the lights work great, which they do. Also, the fact that we have a blue underwater light ambiance but no ocean wave sound is a bit disappointing, but not a big deal.


  • Several Color and Light Combinations 
  • Features Eight White Noise Options
  • Connects to a Phone to Play Music Through the Device
  • 21 Brightness Levels Create the Perfect Atmosphere


  • Sound Quality Is Lacking 

Best Star Light Projector for Bedroom: Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

Sometimes you just need a simple star projector that lets you see stars and constellations. As with most other projectors on this list, you can add the included dome cover to mute the colors a little more, and it runs on batteries or a USB connection. 

The color and theme options set this projector apart. You can change the colors on the star night light between blue, white, and yellow. As is the standard with color-changing nightlights, you can control the sequence of these colors and how fast they fade into each other.

As for the themes, you can view stars, constellations, planets, an undersea environment, and even a “Happy Birthday” wallpaper. Remember that you will have to change the film inside the projector to see these different things, so keep them close and safe.

The projector itself remains stationary, but you can turn on a feature to make the scenes rotate. You might hear a gentle, almost white-noise sound when the projector rotates, but if you or your child prefer soft background noise, that should not be a problem. 

Perhaps the only drawback for this one is that the USB cord is only eight inches long, so you might want to use the batteries. 


  • Features Six Unique Lighting Effects 
  • Five Optional Films To Swap In
  • Uses AA Batteries or a USB Port
  • Functions as a Night Light or Projector


  • USB Cord Is Short

Buying Guide

From setting the mood to helping you fall asleep, these simple devices come through in big ways. With so many options on the market, it can be a challenge to find the best fit for you and your family. Here are a few things to consider when seeking the best star projector night light for you! 

Benefits of Using a Star Projector Night Light

A star projector makes a soothing addition to almost any room, but there are some key benefits that you might want to consider when comparing products. 

  • Sound Masking – From music to white noise, star projectors can block out disruptive sounds and help lull you or a loved one to sleep.
  • Create Ambiance Anywhere – Star projector night lights aren’t just for the bedroom—they can set the mood in other capacities, including movie night or date night.
  • More Restful Sleep – While red light has been shown to disrupt sleep patterns less than any other color, there’s also evidence supporting the idea of falling asleep to your favorite colors. If a star projector soothes you and helps you relax before bed, there’s a good chance you’ll sleep better beacuse of it.
  • Highly Portable – Since projectors are compact and portable, your child can take them to grandma and grandpa’s house or on vacation to recreate a familiar sleeping environment away from home.
  • Mental Stimulation – If you have a budding astronomer, you can encourage interest and use the projector as a tool for discussing the stars, galaxies, and more.

Star projectors are versatile, fun, and soothing devices that won’t overtake a room unless you want them to. In the light of day, they are unassuming and easily overlooked, but when you need them, they can open a world of wonder.

How To Choose the Best Star Projector Night Light

There are several features to consider to narrow your list. Start by assessing your needs and how you plan to use the device.

Power Source

Most projectors can operate on batteries or connect to a power source another way. Since these devices tend to run through batteries rather quickly, you might want to consider alternatives, like USB ports and AC adapters. 

Timers and Automatic Shut Off

Batteries might not matter if you have a timer that limits how long the device runs each night, but without one, you could go through multiple batteries every week. While running a star projector all night makes sense, especially if you place them in a baby’s room, they can still use up a lot of power if not run on a timer.

Display Colors, Patterns, and Themes

Are you satisfied with the same stationary night sky every night? If you prefer more variety and customization, you might want to pick a device based on the display options.

Music and Sound

Does sound matter if you have a glorious light show to watch? That’s up to you. Some devices connect to a phone or tablet to play custom playlists, while others offer white noise. 


Some star projectors have bright lights that might cause eye damage if not used properly. Talk to your child about the importance of using these products properly and not looking directly into the projector bulbs.

Final Thoughts

The best star projector night light can create fun bonding experiences with your children or set the mood for any occasion. It does not matter how many fun screens they come with as long as they do good for your mental health.

While we like all the star projectors on this list, we love the One Fire Star Projector. It has so many options for lights, brightness, and you can connect your phone to play your own music. There’s something soothing about ocean waves lights, even though the device itself does not come with a matching ocean wave sound. In this case, the sound quality comes second to how incredible the lights look.

If you want to buy the One Fire Star Projector, you can find it on Amazon.com.

All that said, see which star projector night fits your lifestyle and enjoy the light shows time and again, whether by yourself or with those you love. Even if you don’t choose one of the products from our list, we hope you at least have a better understanding of what to look for when shopping for the best star projector night light!

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