The Best Sleep Caps for Men

Plus How to Choose The Best Fit for Comfort

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You’ve probably heard that covering your head when sleeping is good for your hair. Maybe you’ve even tried a nightcap and discovered it keeps you warm.

Mens sleeping caps have a variety of uses, from protecting curly hair from tangling to helping your hair retain moisture. For those with long hair, wearing a nightcap before you sleep can also help prevent the strands from tucking below the pillow.

And particularly for those who wake early for work, a nightcap is a lifesaver as it allows the hair to roll back with only a single stroke. All these benefits, when combined, can help you keep time and experience an increased feeling of wellbeing. 

Top Choice and Considerations

Our top choice for the best sleeping cap for men, the Satin Bonnet Silk Lined Bamboo Sleep Cap, was chosen based on several factors: It’s slouchy, fits snugly over the head, and doesn’t slip even when you roll on the bed. The material consists of a highly breathable satin that also doubles as a wick for moisture. Yet still, the Silk Lined Bamboo Sleep Cap may not work for everyone since we all have varying tastes and preferences. With that in mind, we considered several other factors such as cost, fashion, reversibility, and functions to round out our review below. Read on to find the best men’s sleep cap for your specific needs.

Best Overall: Satin Bonnet Silk Lined Bamboo Sleep Cap 

As we’ve mentioned above, the best nightcap for men is the Satin Bonnet Silk Lined Bamboo Sleep Cap. It’s the most comfortable and practical sleep cap we could find AND it does everything you would expect. This bamboo sleep cap is made from a blend of materials that consists of 65% polyester and 35% silk on the inside. 

The outside fabric consists of 50% polyester and 50% bamboo. With these materials, you’ll find it warm for use during the cold night and weather. 

And if you sweat at night, the material is breathable enough to keep you cool throughout the night as well. The edges are fitted with a band that ensures the bonnet snugly fits onto the head without a slip. 


  • Pull-On Closure 
  • Jersey, Bamboo, and Satin Body 
  • Available for Both Men and Women 
  • Machine Washable 


  • Stays in Place, Even With Slick Hair
  • Covers the Head and Keeps You Warm 
  • Makes Morning Hair-Styling Much Easier

Best For:

  • Men Who Have Less Time To Style Their Hair in the Morning
  • Men With Long Hair That Requires Extra Room
  • Men and Women Who Want To Keep Their Hair Healthy and Hydrated

The Most Cost-Effective: Headshion Skull Cap for Men 

If your main concern is price, you’ll be interested in the best cheap men’s sleeping cap.

The Headshion Skull Cap for Men comes in a pack of two for just $11. Whether you’re looking for a second cap for a significant other or just a backup sleep cap, the Headshion Skull Cap is ideal. 

The Headshion Skull Cap for men comes in a range of colors to match different styles and personal preferences. Plus, it’s 100% stretchable cotton that doesn’t irritate the scalp or scratch at the hair root. The breathable fabric also doubles as a helmet liner that’ll keep sweat away. 

We found the Headshion Skull Cap for men amazing for its wide scope of functionality. You can use it as a running cap, cycling cap, sleep cap, chemo cap, and a helmet liner. The best part? It doesn’t shrink, fade, or pile however much you hand wash it. 


  • 100% Cotton 
  • Pull-on closure 
  • Sweat-Absorption Fabric 


  • Protects the Scalp From UV Light
  • Can be Worn in Many Different Situations Such as Running, Biking, and Sleeping 
  • Uses Soft Fabric Which Doesn’t Irritate the Skin 
  • Non-slip Band Helps the Cap Fit Snugly Without Slipping 

Who’s for 

  • Men and Women on Chemotherapy or With Sensitive Scalp
  • Men Who Toss and Turn at Night and Need a Cap That Stays Put
  • Men Who’re Looking for a Cotton Helmet for Running, Jogging, or Biking
  • Any Person on a Tight Budget

Best for Fashion and Style: Emperilion 9” Beanies Hats for Men and Women 

This stylish light beanie comes in over two dozen colors and designs, making it perfect for everyday use outside the home too. The lightweight knit fabric makes this a multi-functional sleeping cap for men that you can use for biking, cycling, running, or a sleeping cap for keeping away fatigue. 

The beanie’s circumference ranges from 20.5 to 23.5 inches so it works well with any type of hair length and head size. There are also plenty of designs appealing to both men and women, so anybody should be able to find one they like! 

What really makes the Emperilion 9″ Beanie so good is its cotton-polyester single jersey design. The material feels soft and cozy against the skin and guarantees a unique, comfortable touch. It’ll keep your head warm during winter nights and maintain the same warmth on sweltering nights by wicking moisture. 


  • Unisex Hat Fits Both Men and Women 
  • Cotton Polyester Single Jersey Material
  • Double-Layer Durable Design 
  • 9” Deep Skull Protector 


  • Protects the Scalp from Excess Moisture, Sweltering Temperatures, and UV Light 
  • Snugly Accommodates Any Hair Length 
  • Stays Tight and Doesn’t Slip When Used on Moisturized Hair 
  • Breathable Fabric Works Any Time of Day, For Any Event 

Who’s for 

  • Men and Women Looking for a Comfortable Nightcap That Wicks Moisture
  • Men and Women Looking for a Deep-Bodied Beanie
  • Men Looking for Headgear To Use With Their Bike Helmet

Best for Curly Hair: Men Sleeping Cap Designed for Curly Hair

Whether you work to have curly hair or were born with it, it can make choosing a sleeping cap more difficult. If you want to keep your curls intact overnight, your search ends here. This particular sleeping cap is made of 65% polyester and 35% silk inside for a smooth surface that guarantees a hearty touch against textured hair. 

The cap helps to protect against breaks, frizz, and moisture loss to ensure your hair keeps its glow.  

It doesn’t matter whether you have thin, unruly, or coarse hair; this beanie works for many different hair types and lifestyles. With its classic design and satin-lined interior, you can also use it in the office or on weekend adventures outdoors. The diameter ranges between 21-23 inches, but the satin polyester material stretches to accommodate hair length and head size. 


  • Stretchable Satin-lined Fabric
  • 21-23” Circumference
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Silk 
  • Elastic Pull-on Closure
  • 100% Cotton Outer Shell


  • Can Be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Closure Fits Comfortably Over the Head and Prevent Slipping
  • Effective Helmet Liner
  • Can be Hand-washed to Prevent Shrinking, Fading or Piling

Who’s for

  • Men and Women With Curly Hair
  • Men and Women Looking for a Non-Slip Cap That Can Be Easily Washed

Best Reversible: GlowByDaye Satin Sleep Bonnet for Men 

Each side of this headdress has a unique color—from floral colors to plain black, white, or orange shades. So, once the outer is dirty, you simply turn it inside out and start using the inner side. GlowByDaye has releases for kids and adults so finding an ideal fit is easy.

However, unlike other sleep caps for men we’ve reviewed, this piece comes with a drawstring for adjusting the perimeter. That means you can use it with any hair length or volume, and you can be sure it won’t compress or break your hairstyle.


  • Certified High-Grade Satin Material 
  • Reversible Double-Layered Body
  • Available in Many Different Colors
  • Drawstring Gives it an Adjustable Perimeter


  • Fits Any Volume, Size, and Hair Length
  • Reversible Double-Layer Allows for Longer Use Between Washes
  • Durable and Thick Fabric Gives it an Extended Lifespan
  • Usable with Oil Treatments or Deep Conditioning

Who’s for

  • Men With a High Volume of Hair That Need Adjustability
  • Men With Wavy or Curly Hair
  • Men Who Treat or Deep Condition Their Hair

Men Night Cap: Buyer’s Guide  

Nobody wants to spend money on a product that doesn’t suit their needs. Here are some things to look for when shopping for sleep caps for men:

Scope of Functionality

If you’re just looking for a simple sleep cap for nighttime use, your search ends here. Any of the options above will suit your needs.

However, if you’re looking for something that can double as a jogging cap or perhaps a helmet liner, you’ll want to keep that in mind as you search for the right product.

Be sure to check the cap or product listing for descriptors such as chemo cap, headliner, casual wear, fashion cap, and helmet liner. The keyword you use should align with the functionality you’re seeking.

Choose Quality Material

By now, you’ve seen materials such as silk, cotton, and satin. Each of these materials suits different functionalities.

Satin is best for wavy or curly hair. It retains both the natural oil and moisture of your hair while protecting your hair from breaks. Satin also allows for less friction between your hair and pillow, allowing you to glide effortlessly across your pillowcase. 

Silk won’t protect your hair’s oils and moisture as well as Satin, but can protect your hair from breaking or cracking. It works very well for curly and wavy hair as well, and is both soft and natural. 

Cotton falls between satin and silk. It isn’t a popular choice for sleeping, but still, men will love them. Cotton works for natural hairs with no oil or deep solutions. They’re highly breathable for use in a hot environment and comfortable for most people.

Cotton handles imprinted designs and graphics as well, so if you’re particular about the appearance of your sleep cap, you might find more options in cotton sleep caps.

The Cost Often Defines Value

The cheapest sleep cap costs around $3 while bonnets on the highest end of the chart cost up to $100. Features such as premium-grade materials and scope of functionality determine the costs.

For example, satin is a combination of artificially made polyester, nylon, and rayon. As such, their price tags are lower because the production is all synthetic and can be produced in large quantities. Conversely, pure silk and cotton are natural products that may have a higher cost to accommodate the need to collect the raw materials and treat them.

What About Durability?

How long your sleep cap will stay in shape is determined by various factors. Quality of material comes first, followed by how you care for your headdress. Lastly, the nature of the surface you use your bonnet against (either your bedsheets or the inside of a helmet) determines the rate of wear and tear.

For durability, we vouch for satin, and for a good reason. If you look around keenly, you’ll see that they have a glossy inner side and a rough outer side. The glossy, smooth side minimizes the friction between your hair strands and the material. The result is your bonnet staying longer and the material keeping its shelf-life. That’s why satin wins the battle on durability.

That Brand Matters

Don’t just pick anything you see in the store. You’ll be increasing your chances of landing a poor-quality material that can compromise the quality of your hair or just not live up to your expectations.

Go with pieces from reputable brands and you’ll be sure to get a headdress that offers value for cash. Also, some brands provide warranties and money-back guarantees. So, if what you buy doesn’t solve your problem, you can be sure to get your money back. 

Look for The Fit

The size and shape of both your head and your hair are important when choosing the right sleep cap. Whatever you pick should fit snugly and not slip. Ideally, you want your hair to feel secure and not jostle around too much while still having a loose fit with room to breathe. 

Check the descriptions on size fits before you splurge. Most nightcaps have details about circumferences, often 20-23-inches. Some have size tags such as M, L, XL, and XXL. Whatever you choose should cover the head comfortably. 

Recap: The Best Sleep Cap for Men 

Finding the best nightcap for men doesn’t have to be a challenge. We found the Satin Bonnet Sleep Cap to be the best sleep cap for men by looking at the materials used, durability, and how versatile it is for heads of all sizes. 

With our men’s sleep cap research findings and the tips in this guide, we’re confident you now have the information to be able to find the sleeping cap that works best for you and your lifestyle! 

Nate Devore
Nate Devore
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