Here’s How To Stay Awake on a Rainy Day

Don't let mother nature put you to sleep. Try these 6+ easy tips to stay awake and alert so you can be productive and enjoy your day when it's raining outside!

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Staying awake on rainy days can be challenging, especially when you have to work, take care of children, or have chores to accomplish. Although it would be great to do nothing and relax, sitting on a couch on a rain-filled day is more likely to lead you to take a nap.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay awake on rainy days and avoid sleeping. Whether you have to get your body moving or turn on a bunch of lights to prevent melatonin release, we have six tips for how to stay awake on a rainy day.

If the sound of rain makes you sleepy, keep reading to find out what you can do to fight off rain-induced drowsiness.

1. Drink Extra Coffee

Caffeine is well known for its effects on the human body. While it isn’t ideal if you’re looking to sleep, it’s a great way to start your day. In fact, a second cup could make it easier for you to stay awake, alert, and happy throughout the day. The rain might make you feel overly sleepy, but this drowsy effect may be counteracted by the coffee.

Caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors, which are crucial for making you feel sleepy. Start small by trying an additional, small cup of coffee (or tea) and monitor the effects of the extra caffeine on your system.

2. Turn on the Lights

Your body releases sleep hormones when the lights are dim or the sky is dark. So, as the sky darkens, keep some of them on to avoid getting the urge to crawl to bed. You may want to start with the lights wherever you are working to help you stay focused and prevent your body from releasing the sleep chemical.

Even a few small lights, such as in the kitchen or bedroom and living room, can be enough to stop your body from getting too tired. Additionally, you can try closing the curtains to help your body forget about the rain and focus more on your tasks for the day.

3. Get Some Mild Exercise

Mild and quick exercises are an effective way to stay productive and awake no matter how gloomy it gets outside. These exercises can involve stretches, crunches, or stationary workouts that only take ten to 15 minutes of your time.

When you feel yourself getting sleepy, start a quick workout, using whatever routine gets your blood pumping. However, before you exercise, be sure to slowly stretch your muscles to see if that is enough to wake you up. Remember that the goal is to stay awake, not start an intense workout.

4. List Your Tasks

Although it can be challenging to keep your brain focused on the task at hand, a list can make a lot of difference. Having a to-do list can focus your mind on being productive. Your tasks might be as simple as opening a window or be more involved, like putting dishes away or cleaning the bathroom. 

With your list on hand, you can avoid getting side-tracked or settling in on the couch doing nothing. It’s nice to relax, but it’s liable to make you feel sleepy on rainy days.

Try not to make your list too long or exhaustive, as this could overwhelm you and reduce your productivity.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks

Sneaking in a healthy snack on a rainy day will give you energy and help ensure your body stays moving. Healthy, energy-boosting options include apples, bananas, and nuts. You don’t have to eat a lot of snacks, either, as a simple fruit and nut medley could keep you alert.

Avoid anything heavy like pasta, starchy foods, or bread because these take longer to break down in your stomach and can result in a more sleepy mood. Additionally, you may want to focus on staying away from dairy and frozen items. 

6. Alternate How You Stay Busy

Having a list of tasks is only one step to staying alert on a rainy day. After all, if you find yourself doing a lot of the same things, your body might still get sleepy. Being busy doesn’t mean you have to be on your feet and constantly moving, but it can mean that you are constantly using and focusing your attention on doing something.

For example, you could play a computer game, practice a hobby, make phone calls, or fold laundry. As long as your focus is placed somewhere that isn’t the rain, sleep-related topics, or a nap, your body isn’t likely going to want to hit the hay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Staying awake on a rainy day is tough, but the first step may be understanding why you’re so sleepy on a rainy day.

Why Am I Sleepy on a Rainy Day?

Rainy days mean there is more humidity and water in the area, which decreases oxygen. This can lead to you feeling more tired and wanting to simply relax and preserve the oxygen you have.

Why Is It Hard To Wake Up on Rainy Days?

It can be harder to wake up on rainy days because rain can boost the amount of melatonin your body makes since the sky will be darker. Melatonin naturally gets released in the body as a result of a darker environment.

Final Thoughts

Staying awake on a rainy day can be difficult, but not impossible. The key to staying awake on even the gloomiest of days is to keep yourself busy, focus on what tasks you need to accomplish, and get your body moving. Drinking some extra coffee or caffeinated tea to boost your energy levels or do a quick workout can also keep the urge to nap at bay.

Now you know how to stay awake on a rainy day, no matter how dark it gets outside. Use our six simple tips to get your work done or just avoid sleeping without a struggle. 

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Nate Devore
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