18 Colors That Go With Dark Green Bedroom Walls: Pro Picks

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Beautiful colors with dark green bedroom walls and bed

Are you considering painting your bedroom walls dark green? If so, you’re in luck! Dark green is a modern and trendy color that you can pair with various other colors. This blog post will give you 18 color combinations that look great with dark green walls. 

We’ll also provide some tips on choosing the right paint color and bedding for your bedroom. So if you’re ready to makeover your bedroom, keep reading!

When choosing a paint color, it’s essential to consider the other colors in your bedroom. For example, if you have green walls, you’ll want to select a color that complements them. You don’t want your bedroom to feel too cramped or busy.

 So if you’re looking for a modern and trendy color combination, dark green is a great choice. It’s a bold color that will give your bedroom a contemporary feel. We’ve put together a list of 18 colors that will pair well with a dark green wall giving you an earthy and cozy feeling in your bedroom.

Let’s see the best colors that will go well with your dark green bedroom wall.

1: Rosewater Pink with Pearl White 

Combining dark green walls with pearl white with rosewater pink accents will add that kick to your room. Given that green is a dark color adding the pearl white will make the room brighter, giving the room a lift.

 So you can pick white furniture for your dark green walled bedroom. For the decor, you can go for the rosewater pink. Green and pink are opposite each other in the color scheme, so they complement each other perfectly. In addition, the pink will add a feminine touch to the room. Finally, you can go for pink accessories like throw pillows, bed covers, and rugs.

2: Linen White with Macaron Pink

Combining dark green walls with linen white with macaron pink accents will give your bedroom a unique look. This combination looks good with light furniture like white and pastel-colored wooden furniture. 

For the decor, you can go for the macaron pink. Green and pink are opposite each other in the color scheme to complement each other. You can accessorize with pink throw pillows, bed covers, and rugs.

3. Beige and White 

If you’re looking for colors that go well with dark green bedroom walls, white and beige are great options. Neutral colors like white and beige can help bring balance and calmness to a space, and they can also add a touch of texture and interest. A neutral color like beige can also provide a canvas on which your chosen color can shine. 

When it comes to what color bedding goes with green walls, there are lots of options that will look great. If you want to keep things light and airy, white bedding is always good. On the other hand, you could try black or even a bold print for something more dramatic. Whatever you choose, make sure it coordinates with the rest of your bedroom.

4: A Shade of Brown with Reddish Undertones (Burnt Sienna) 

A shade of brown with reddish undertones is an excellent option when it comes to colors that go well with dark green bedroom walls. The brown lends a feeling of stability and warmth, while the red gives an air of liveliness and vitality. 

Adding this color to your room gives it a burst of energy. Plus, a combination of a shade of brown with reddish undertones and dark green creates an atmosphere that feels earthy and fresh. Both colors are connected to nature, one found in the trees, the other in the earth. 

As a result, this color palette can help you create a space that feels calming and grounding. If you’re looking for colors that complement your dark green walls, consider giving burnt sienna a try.

5. White and Charcoal 

Choosing colors that go well with dark green bedroom walls can be tricky. However, charcoal and white is a classic combination of both contemporary and classy. The colors work together to create a sophisticated look perfect for any bedroom. The charcoal provides a rich contrast to the green, while the white helps to brighten up the space.

 This color combo is also very versatile, as you can use it in various ways to achieve different looks. For example, you could use charcoal as the primary color and use white as an accent, or you could use white as the primary color and use charcoal as an accent. Whichever way you choose to use these colors, they are sure to make your dark green bedroom walls look amazing.

6. Deep Red and Yellow Patterns

Dark green is a modern, trendy color that you can use in various ways to create a stylish bedroom. One way to use dark green is to paint the walls a deep, rich green and then add accents of yellow and red. 

This color scheme will create a warm and sheltered feeling in the room. You can use yellow for the bedding and curtains and red for accent pillows or rugs. Another way to use dark green is to paint the walls light green and then use dark green as an accent color. 

Using dark green as an accent color will create a fresh and vibrant feel in the room. You can use light green for the bedding and curtains and dark green for accent pillows or rugs.

7. Dark Green and Blue

The colors that go best with dark green walls in a bedroom are blue and green. Dark green is an intense color, so it’s essential to use colors that will complement it rather than compete with it. Blue is a natural choice, as it is often used in bedrooms to create a calming atmosphere. Green is also a good choice, as it can help balance out the green walls’ darkness. 

When using these colors, it’s essential to use them in moderation. Too much of either color can be overwhelming, so it’s best to use them as accents rather than the dominant colors in the room. Dark green walls can be the perfect backdrop for a stylish and serene bedroom with careful planning.

8. Salmon Pink

Dark green is a color that goes well with bold colors like salmon pink. The colors together give the room a feeling of rhythmic vitality. It’s perfect for a modern dark green bedroom that needs a little life and excitement brought into it. 

The colors work so well together because the dark green grounds the space, and the salmon pink provides a pop of color that livens up the room. The colors play off each other perfectly, and they are sure to create a stylish and inviting space.

9. Warm Nude 

While the color green is often associated with nature and freshness, it can also be quite sophisticated. Dark green walls, in particular, can give a room a stylish and modern look. But what colors go well with dark green walls?

One option is to go with a warm nude color for your bedding. Beddings in warm nude color can help create a sense of balance and stability in the room. Nude shades also have a calming effect, which can be perfect for a bedroom. If you want to add a pop of color, you could consider using accent pillows in shades of pink or orange.

Another option is to use white bedding against dark green walls. White beddings against dark green walls can create a clean and classic look. You could also add some greenery to the room. Plants can be very decorative, and they have a calming effect as well.

10. Deep Pink with Gold Accents

Dark green walls provide a dramatic backdrop for any room, and they can be especially striking in a bedroom. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing bedding and accents to go with dark green walls. 

First, consider the overall style of the room. If the bedroom has a modern vibe, look for clean lines and simple patterns. However, if the room is more traditional, you may want to choose bedding with more intricate designs.

 Second, consider what colors will complement the dark green walls. Deep pink is an excellent option for a playful and opulent look. Gold accents can also help to add a touch of luxury. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment – after all, it’s your bedroom! So try out new looks and see what you like best.

11. Forest Green

If you’re looking for colors that go well with dark green bedroom walls, consider forest Green. This calming shade can help create a tranquil oasis in your home. Pair it with bedding in a neutral shade, like cream or white, to bring out the green’s natural beauty. 

Try mixing forest Green with other jewel tones, like Sapphire Blue or Ruby Red, for a modern twist. By mixing and matching different colors and patterns, you can create a dark green bedroom that’s both stylish and serene.

12. Red, Green, and Blue

You’ve decided on a modern dark green bedroom. The walls are up, and it’s time to determine what color bedding goes with green walls. You want something expressive and vibrant. Colors can evoke certain feelings. And you want your bedroom to be a space where you feel relaxed and at ease. 

The best colors for a dark green bedroom are primary colors. They are emotionally charged and create a sense of vibrancy. Reds, yellows, and blues are all excellent choices for bedding that will compliment dark green walls. 

These colors will also help create a versatile and stylish space that can be easily changed as your mood or style changes. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and hues of these colors.

13. Olive Green

Dark green is a rich, earthy color that can create a feeling of elegance in a bedroom. Dark green walls can be modern and stylish when paired with the right colors. If you’re looking for bedding that goes with green walls, consider using olive green. 

This color is similar to dark green but has a bit more depth and dimension. It’s also a perfect choice for an elegant or earthy bedroom. If you want to add a pop of color to your room, try using a light green or yellow bedspread. These colors will help brighten up the space and give the room a fresh, modern look.

14. Mustard Yellow

Dark green walls can create a sophisticated and modern look in your bedroom. Consider pairing the walls with bedding in a mustard yellow to complete the look. The bold color will add an opulent touch to the room, making it feel luxurious and inviting. 

You may also want to add accents in a similar shade of yellow, such as a throw pillow or a vase of fresh flowers. With a few well-chosen accessories, you can create a stunning space that will impress your guests.

15. Burgundy

If you’re looking for colors that go well with dark green bedroom walls, burgundy is a classic choice. This rich, deep hue can add a touch of elegance to any space, and it pairs beautifully with green. However, if you’re going for a more modern look, try pairing dark green with charcoal gray or black.

Dark green paired with charcoal gray or black creates a dramatic, contemporary look that will make a statement. And if you’re wondering what color bedding goes with green walls, try opting for a neutral shade like beige or white. Neutral shade beddings will allow the green walls to shine genuinely.

16. Pale Blue

When it comes to choosing colors that go well with dark green walls, pale blue is a great option. The reason pale blue works so well are that it is a color in the same family as green. Pale blue also has hints of green in it, which makes it complementary to dark green walls. In addition, pale blue is a very calming and serene color which makes it perfect for a bedroom.

 It is also essential to consider the undertone of the green when choosing colors that go with it. If the undertone is more yellow, colors like coral or peach will work well. If the undertone is more blue, then colors like navy or purple will work well.

17. Gray

When it comes to colors that go with dark green walls, gray is a great option. Gray is a neutral color that can complement the darkness of green without making the room feel too heavy or dreary. You can use light gray for a more airy feel or opt for a darker shade to add coziness to the space.

 If you want to add a pop of color, consider using accents in shades of yellow or pink. These colors will stand out against the dark green walls and help to brighten up the space. When choosing colors for your dark green bedroom walls, experiment and find what works best for you.

18. Gray, Brown, and White

If you’re looking for colors that go well with dark green walls, you can’t go wrong with gray, brown, or white. These colors all share a similar depth of hue, which creates a sense of harmony in a room.

 In addition, they are all neutral colors that you can easily match with furniture and accessories. Gray is an exceptionally versatile color, as you can use it to create both a warm and inviting space or a more modern and sophisticated look. 

If you’re hoping to achieve a calming atmosphere in your bedroom, consider using gray as an accent color. Brown is another great option for creating a relaxing ambiance, and it can also help anchor the other colors in the room. Finally, white is a classic choice that will never go out of style.


The colors that go with dark green bedroom walls can be both stimulating and relaxing. If you want to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, stick to cool neutrals like white, ivory, or light gray. 

To add a touch of excitement, choose complementary colors like deep pink or bright yellow. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect color palette for your dark green bedroom walls. Have fun experimenting until you find the combination that makes you feel most at home. Have you experimented with dark green walls? How did it go?

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