6 Best Sleeper Chairs for Adults in 2022 (Small Spaces, Offices, Dorm Rooms)

Sleeper chairs for use in home, dorm room, offices and more

Chairs that turn into beds are convenient to have for when guests come to visit, and they’re also great for mid-day lounging, napping, or TV watching. Sleeper chairs for adults come in many types and styles, and cater to many different needs and uses.

When it comes to choosing the best sleeper chairs, there are many factors to consider. Where will the chair be located? You probably wouldn’t buy the same chair for a dorm room that you would for an office or home den. What type of person will be using it? Again, will an older person who appreciates lumbar support be using it, or does it just need to survive a couple of years of college couch crashers?

These things, along with the material and other features, are the determining factors when purchasing furniture such as a folding chair bed.  

After doing some tests and comparing features, we’ve compiled a list of the best sleeper chairs for adults. The selections were based on comfort, style, ease of use, and other available features. After testing many products, we’ve found that the Vonanda Sofa Bed is the best overall thanks to its ease-of-maintenance, usability, affordable price tag, and overall size. 

While the Vonanda checks all the boxes for the average person, there may be specific needs you have in mind and, luckily, there are different products to cater to those needs.

Below, you’ll find the best sleeper chairs for adults in each category, as well as a thoughtful buying guide to help you make the best purchase for your needs! Let’s take a look at the best sleeper chairs for adults in 2022!

Best Sleeper Chairs for Adults in 2022

Best Overall – Vonanda Sofa Bed

The Vonanda Sofa Bed has over 900 positive reviews on Amazon. This chair-and-a-half sleeper has a sturdy metal frame and folds out into a comfortable bed. In the sitting position, the backrest reclines at four different angles before reaching the final position where the chair transitions into a bed. 

The linen fabric cover is easy to clean and there is a built-in magnet on the fabric lining that attaches to the metal frame to prevent dust buildup. The unique feature of this sleeper chair is that when it’s not in use as a bed or chair, it can be folded up into an ottoman, which is great for small spaces.

Another good feature is that in addition to a chair and bed, the Vonanda Sofa Bed can also be converted into a lounge chair with support for your legs and feet. The tufted velvet material is soft, and it folds and unfolds in four easy steps. 

Best for Comfort – DURASPACE Sleeper Chair

The DURASPACE Sleeper Chair is well-renowned for its comfort. This sleeper chair for adults is modern and stylish and integrates easily with any décor. The bed provides stability with armrests on either side in its unfolded position. The hardwood frame is sturdy, and the cushion’s high-density foam provides comfort and support.

The chair unfolds in four easy steps and reclines at three angles for gaming, watching TV, and sleeping. The chair also contains features additional storage in the form of two cupholders and 2 pockets on either side. It can be used as an accent chair, sleeper bed, or chaise longue. Two pillows are included to provide back support.

Best for Small Spaces – TATAGO Dual-Use Ottoman

The TATAGO Dual-Use Ottoman is an excellent space-saver for dorm rooms and small apartments. What looks like a simple ottoman folds out into a comfortable bed and can be easily folded again when the bed is not in use. Once folded, the ottoman cover hides the metal frame, and the ottoman can be used as a side table or footrest, or stay tucked into a corner to free up space in your apartment. 

The bed frame is separate from the mattress, making it easy to clean the mattress cover when necessary. The heavy-duty metal frame can support up to 500 lbs., and the mattress cover can be unzipped and taken off for easy cleaning. In its folded position, the ottoman measures 31″ x 30″ x 16.” When unfolded, the bed measures 78″ x 30″ x 16.” 

Best for Offices – HOMCOM Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair

The HOMCOM Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair adds an air of elegance to any office. This convertible chair sleeper comes in gray and dark blue, and at first glance, it’s hard to tell that it’s even a sleeper chair. This chair is an excellent option for people who work long hours and may need to rest at some point during the day. 

The chair has a steel frame and works well in any modern office. The chair lies flat in its unfolded position, and in the seating position, the backrest has five different adjustment levels. In addition to being used as a chair or bed, it can also be used as a lounger. The thick cushions provide extra comfort, and the faux suede cushion covers can be unzipped and removed for easy cleaning. Two pillows are included for back support and sleeping.

Best for the Elderly – Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner Sofa

The Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner Sofa for the Elderly is an excellent choice for senior citizens and one of the best sleeping chairs for the elderly. The chair provides a convenient side pocket with an additional pocket on the armrest that can hold remote controls, glasses, and other objects that people with limited mobility need to keep handy. The chair also has a cupholder and a USB charging port, and the padded seat cushions provide lumbar support. 

The Esright Electric Power Lift Chair is also a massage chair with five massage modes. Its ergonomic reclining degree provides excellent support for the spine, and the waist area is heated to provide additional care for lower back pain. 

The chair reclines at several degrees, starting at 110 degrees for using a laptop, 120 degrees for reading, 130 degrees for watching TV, 140 degrees for relaxing, and 150 degrees for sleeping. What also makes this chair great for older adults is the 30-degree forward inclination, which makes the chair easy to rise from when in the reclining position. 

Best for Dorm Rooms – Giantex Folding Massage Lazy Sofa Floor Chair

The Giantex Folding Massage Lazy Sofa Floor Chair is excellent for small spaces, such as dorm rooms. This chair doubles as a sleeper, and when not in use, it can be folded up and tucked away in a corner or closet. This floor chair has a back with five reclining positions and a vibrating massage feature to help soothe lower back pain

The chair can be used in the regular upright mode, but the cushion also conveniently extends to provide full leg and foot support. The chair’s back can recline flat, providing a full bed experience, and is excellent for when you have guests staying overnight.  

Buying Guide

If nothing on this list looks like a good fit for you, here are some tips and things to keep in mind when shopping for the best sleeper chairs for adults.

Types of Sleeper Chairs

Let’s start by going over the main types of sleeper chairs available on the market today.


Recliners are a staple in many American homes and offer an easy transition from sitting to sleeping. Recliners usually have 2-3 reclining angles with a footrest to facilitate various comfortable positions. 

Convertible Chair Sleepers

Convertible chair sleepers are similar to futons. As the name suggests, these seats fold out and are converted from a chair to a cot-like sleeping mat. 

Chaise Longue

French for “long chair,” the chaise longue is often associated with glamour or royalty. These chairs provide back support on one side of the chair with an armrest on either one or both sides. These chairs are suitable for napping. 

Contoured Recliner

Contoured recliners are contoured to fit the human body and offer substantial support for the lower back. The chairs have a permanent footrest, and many can be reclined at various angles.

Twin Bed Pull-Out Sleeper Chair

Twin bed pull-out sleeper chairs provide a more generous sleeping surface compared to other types of sleeper chairs. Usually starting as a loveseat, the bed pulls out like a traditional sofa bed, and the metal frame provides the stability and support of a regular twin bed. A twin bed pull-out sleeper chair is a good option for anyone who will be entertaining long-term guests in their house. 

Construction Materials and Other Things to Consider

Once you’ve determind the type of chair you’re after, you should then consider some of the following points before making your final decision.


Check to make sure that the material of the frame and the chair itself are sturdy. Sleeper chairs come in wood or metal frames or even a combination of both. If your sleeper chair will have high usage, it’s vital to get a material that will last the longest. 

Fabric Cover

When selecting a fabric cover, think about the material and whether it will stain easily, and if it does get stained, is it easy to clean? If the material is not washable, like leather, will it rip easily, and will there be expensive repairs? Cushion covers that can unzip to be washed are an excellent option for anyone with kids in the house or for sleepers that will be used regularly. 


This should be a no-brainer, but comfort is the most important thing when choosing a sleeper chair. There are many beautiful chair designs, but are the chairs comfortable to sit or sleep in? Whenever possible, it’s best to buy a sleeper chair in person to make sure the chair feels as good as it looks. 

Cushion Thickness

A sleeper chair isn’t just a chair; it’s a bed. A cushion that feels good to sit on may not offer enough full-body support for a good night’s rest. Think about how often your chair will be used as a bed. Is it for guests who will be staying several days or just a place to relax and take a quick power nap? High-density foam is a good option for durability if the former is true for your circumstances.

Wheels vs. Feet

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for many people to rent apartments in urban areas and move every few years. If you are a renter and plan on moving frequently, a sleeper chair with wheels is an excellent option to make things easier on moving day. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying

As you shop, be sure to keep these things in mind:

How often will your sleeper chair be used?

If you are only using your sleeper chair infrequently when guests stay overnight or as an accent chair that is rarely used, you may not need the sturdiest wood-framed chair. If the sleeper chair is mostly for show, it’s ok to choose beauty over function. On the converse, if your sleeper chair is going to be used often as a chair and a bed, it’s better to invest in a more durable material that will last for years. 

Will you move frequently?

Lightweight materials and metal frames are a good option for frequent movers since they are easier to move and lift. A sleeper chair with wheels is also a good option for frequent movers or if you’re someone who likes to rearrange their furniture regularly. 

Will the sleeper be used mainly as a chair or a bed?

If your sleeper will be used primarily for sitting, it’s best to make sure the seat cushions are the most comfortable. If the sleeper will be used mainly as a bed, it’s best to make sure the mattress is the most comfortable. 

How big is your space?

For anyone living in a small apartment or home, it’s important to maximize space. Small convertible chair sleeper chairs are a good option. In addition, ottoman sleeper chairs are great for people who don’t have room for an oversized chair in their space. 


Although the selected sleeper chairs were all good, the Vonanda Sofa Bed was chosen as best overall due to its versatility. It’s the perfect space-saver, and when not in use, the chair folds into an ottoman and is indistinguishable from any other ottoman. The ottoman can easily be tucked away or used as a showpiece until it’s ready for use. 

The chair is also versatile because it can be configured into multiple positions, and in addition to an ottoman, it can be used as a sofa, a chair, or a bed. In addition, while in the chair position, the bottom of the chair can be inclined to create a leg rest, turning the chair onto a comfortable lounger. 

Even if the Vonanda, or any other product here, doesn’t strike your fancy, we hope our buying guide at least armed you with the knowledge to choose the right sleeper chair for you and your needs! Remember to always consider the durability, comfort, size, and affordability of whatever furniture you’re considering before making that final purchase.

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