The Best Rollaway Folding Beds of 2022 (plus How to Choose)

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You might think that foldable rollaway beds are a modern phenomenon, but they have been around for over a century.

In 1885 Sarah Goode was granted a patent for a hideaway bed. This precursor to the Murphy Bed was called a cabinet bed and converted into a roll-top desk when not in use. 

Twenty-six years later, William Lawrence Murphy got a patent for his now-famous Murphy Bed, which hid a full-sized mattress and metal frame inside a closet during the day. 

Since those early days, rollaway bed technology has undergone serval evolutions. Today you can find hundreds of rollaway beds from dozens and dozens of brands, ranging widely in quality and price. It can be overwhelming to try and find the best rollaway bed for your unique needs and lifestyle. 

To help make this monumental task a little easier, I have tested eight different products to nail down the best rollaway beds for 2022. 

I found the LUCID rollaway guest bed to be the best overall pick in terms of quality and value. 

Read on to discover the eight best rollaway beds and find the answers to all your pressing questions and concerns before buying one yourself. 

Why Choose a Rollaway Bed?

If you need a temporary sleeping arrangement without sacrificing comfort for convenience, you need to try a rollaway bed. 

Sure, you could use a sleeping bag, a pallet of blankets, or a bevy of other options, but none keep you up off the floor or provide handy storage space underneath. 

There are plenty of other reasons to keep a rollaway bed handy. If you have a smaller home or apartment, using a foldable bed instead of a traditional one saves you precious space. 

Rapid urbanization in the US has led to high demand for rollaway beds, and the market has increased dramatically. Rollaway beds are popular in non-residential markets as well. Mobile beds work well in hostels, hospitals, hotels, and other health centers. 

With a high level of demand and lots of industry competition, the price of rollaway beds has led to lower prices industry-wide. 

Prices will inevitably vary based on quality, brand, and style, but these portable beds are generally less expensive than ever. You no longer have to spend an arm and a leg to own a rollaway bed. 

The Top 8 Best Rollaway Beds of 2022

So what is the best rollaway bed?

As stated above, that depends on a myriad of factors. The answer will usually vary from person to person. Each of the following products represents one of the most popular rollaway beds available online. 

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Best Luxury Splurge 

If you are willing to pay top dollar for a rollaway bed, the Millard Diplomat is a durable high-end choice. The Diplomat design features double reinforcement at the base and high-quality steel tubing for lasting comfort and performance. 

The Diplomat also boasts a wire-latticed folding frame with minimal flex that banishes the sinking feeling found in other folding beds. 

Enjoy plenty of ergonomic support for your back and a rigid frame on your new mobile bed. 

Stabilizing legs use locking brakes which ensure the bed will not shift and move during the night, even with plenty of tossing and turning. The Diplomat is counter-weighted and overbuilt for a stable, comfortable night of sleep.

Your Diplomat will last longer than many similar designs and can safely support up to three hundred pounds. 

When the bed unfolds, it measures seventy-five inches long and thirty-eight inches wide. The foam mattress is seventy-three inches long, and the entire unit weighs fifty-seven pounds. 

The medium-firm mattress has an added memory foam layer for optimal comfort and a touch of luxury. It also has an ultra-soft mattress cover that you can easily remove and throw in the washing machine.

You can assemble the Diplomat in five to fifteen minutes, and Milliard provides a top-notch customer service team who will answer your questions quickly and effectively. 

When you purchase a Milliard, you can relax knowing you have a dedicated team of real people ready to help you with any issues or concerns you might have.

Karcog Rollaway Bed – Most Comfortable Rollaway Bed

When you consider portable beds for adults, you might assume that you must forego comfort for convenience. That is not the case with the Karcog rollaway bed!

You get a dependable, sturdy steel frame and a reinforced structure to ensure enough support and stability for any sleeper.

The mattress has an unbeatable one point five inches of memory foam atop three point five inches of high-density support foam to ensure a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. Better yet, creaks, noises, and shifting are a thing of the past with the Karcog rollaway bed. 

The Karcog is a little over twelve inches thick when folded. It is perfect for small spaces and can be hidden away out of sight when you finish using it. 

When unfolded, the rollaway bed is thirty-one inches wide, seventy-five inches long, and eleven inches high. 

The Karcog weighs a little over forty-five pounds and can hold up to two hundred and fifty pounds. Assembling your Karcog rollaway is quick and easy, with no extra tools needed. It should only take you around five to fifteen minutes to set up.  

This rollaway model also comes with a washable mattress cover with velcro straps and a bonus folding bed cover that keeps it clean and safe while being stored. 

Alwyn Home Molimo Twin Folding Bed – Best Rollaway Bed for Sensitive Skin

If you have ever unpacked a new rollaway bed and caught a whiff of chemical smells you did not like or suffered skin irritation due to rollaway mattresses, then the Molimo twin folding bed could be a Godsend. 

A Molimo rollaway bed has a four-inch foam mattress equipped with breathable cooling technology and is entirely hypoallergenic. It is also made without ozone depleters and is fire-resistant. 

This folding guest bed with mattress is SCS certified, which means it underwent inspection by an internationally recognized third-party certifier of environmental claims for consumer product sectors.

The hypoallergenic mattress has a state-of-the-art, helically suspended poly deck. It absorbs impact and evenly distributes weight to cut back on bounciness. 

The wheels lock in place to keep the bed in place through the night, and the entire model design focuses on strength and durability. 

It weighs forty-four pounds and is sixteen inches tall. The bed is thirty-five inches wide and seventy-three inches long, with a simple folding mechanism for maximum storage capability. 

The Molimo can safely support up to three hundred and fifty pounds and comes with a limited ten-year product warranty. Assembly is a breeze, and you do not need any tools to get the job done, just your hands and the instruction manual. 

Giantex Rollaway Folding Bed – Best Folding Bed for Budget Buyers

If you are watching your wallet and need to find the best choice of cheap rollaway beds, look no further than the Giantex folding bed. 

The Giantex rollaway is made in Italy from premium materials to ensure superior quality control. It has dependable steel pipes with tightly connected hardware that provide a cost-efficient, long-lasting product you can enjoy for years to come. 

The bed is a reinforced design structure that keeps it sturdy and stable, but the folding mechanisms are simple enough that even a child could store it with ease. 

When transporting your Giantex rollaway bed you can make use of the buckle that keeps it safely folded and easy to move around. Once the bed is folded, the sleek, compact size saves you plenty of space in your car or your home.  

The bed’s mattress is made of high-density foam with a layer of super-soft memory foam on top. You can rest easy knowing the assembly process is simple and well explained in the instruction manual. 

Once you have completed assembly you have a rollaway bed that weighs only twenty-five pounds. The Giantex is seventy-five inches long, thirty-one inches wide, fifteen inches tall, and can safely accommodate up to two-hundred and sixty-five pounds. 

The inexpensive rollaway bed also comes with a ninety-day return guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. Contact Giantex customer support for more details. 

Foxemart Folding Rollaway Bed – Best Rollaway Bed for Back Pain

The Foxemart folding rollaway bed has an incredibly stable frame made from sturdy, high-quality steel. Its reinforced design can comfortably support up to three hundred pounds, so most adults can use it without issue. 

On top of the dependable frame, you get a premium, five-inch,  memory foam mattress without any trace of chemical odors. The memory form ensures the bed provides contoured support for unbeatable pressure point relief. 

The rollaway bed has velcro straps to keep the mattress firmly fixed and fitted to the bed frame. It also comes with a soft polyester mattress cover that zips for easy removal. Just pop it in the washer and dryer whenever it needs to be cleaned. 

The bed weighs in at forty-six pounds and you should be able to assemble it in five to fifteen minutes by yourself. 

Alwyn Mariam Twin Folding Bed – Best Multipurpose Rollaway Bed

When you have limited living space, multipurpose furniture can mean the difference between frustration and efficiency. The Alwyn Mariam twin folding bed is perfect for smaller rooms, apartments, and homes that need just a little extra room to move. 

You can use the Mariam as a bed for a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to the folding bed’s soft-touch exterior and high-density foam interior. You can also fold it up into a convenient ottoman that moves easily on rolling caster wheels. 

It’s a great pick for dorm rooms, studio apartments, tiny homes, and anywhere that could benefit from a convertible piece of furniture. The Mariam has central support legs and is made from simple cotton, foam, and metal that weighs about twenty-five pounds in total. 

This sturdy little miracle can hold up to three hundred pounds. It needs partial assembly and Alwyn recommends at least two people should work together during the assembly process. 

Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot – Best Lightweight Rollaway Bed for Adults

If lugging around some of the heavier rollaway bed models seems like a drag, you should check out a lightweight mobile bed model like this offering from Milliard. 

At only twenty pounds, it is a lighter weight than many of the other products on this list. It still provides plenty of support with a sturdy metal frame and a four-inch-thick foam mattress that supports two hundred and sixty-four pounds. 

Along with the lightweight design, the rollaway bed is also equipped with four wheels for all the portability you could want. Assembly is quick and painless, all you need is your hands and the instruction manual. 

Many luxury hotels and resorts use these beds for their portability and quality, now you can enjoy the same lightweight luxury in the comfort of your home. These beds are designed to stand the test of time, even with constant use over the years. 

Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed – Best Rollaway Bed for Kids

For those of us with kids, sleepovers are just a regular part of life. 

If you are on the hunt for a rollaway bed your younger guests can sleep comfortably on, the Linon Verona Cot-Size folding bed is a great choice. 

This mobile bed is affordable and best of all it’s comfortable enough that smaller adults can use it as well. Set up takes a few seconds and in no time you can use this ultra-comfortable rollaway bed. 

The folding bed is made with a dependable metal tube frame and also boasts sturdy wire supports. It can hold up to two-hundred and seventy-five pounds and has a fun, multicolored fabric cover atop the mattress. 

Caster wheels make for easy mobility and the innerspring mattress provides five inches of comfort for any sleeper. The fabric cover is made of yarn, polyester, and cellulosic fiber. 

The bed frame weighs eighteen pounds unassembled, and when you add the mattress it weighs forty-two pounds. 

Rollaway Bed Buying Guide

Even though we have just discussed the best rollaway beds of 2022, it’s still a good idea to consider some things before purchasing one of your own. 

While rollaway beds are convenient and save plenty of space, they will still take up space in your home. Be sure to measure your chosen storage area to ensure you have adequate room for your new mobile bed. 

Use your measurements and compare them to product specs for whichever rollaway bed you chose so you know that there’s enough space for it. 

Below you can find a few more tips on what to look for before adding that foldable bed to your cart so you can avoid an annoying return process or buyer’s remorse.

Not Too Heavy, Not Too Flimsy

Mobile beds should always be lighter than regular beds, and lightweight models are specifically designed to lift easily. A lighter weight means the bed is easier to store. 

You want to strike a healthy balance between lightness and heaviness. If a bed isn’t sturdy enough it can be uncomfortable for the sleeper, but if it’s too heavy then the rollaway bed could be hard to move and store. 

Be sure whatever bed you decide on meets your desired weight capacity as well. Weight capacities vary from bed to bed, but in general, they can support up to three hundred pounds. 

If you have a taller, heavier sleeper in mind, you need to find a bed that covers the specific height and weight requirements.  

Good Storage Capabilities

One of the main selling points of a mobile bed is storage capability. You want to ensure that storage is easy and seamless so you can quickly tuck your rollaway bed out of sight and out of mind. 

If your bed folds in the middle, make sure the mattress you use is foldable as well so you can store them together as a single unit. While a frame should be sturdy and strong, it should also be pliable and easy to fold or unfold. 

The Mattress 

Whatever type of mattress you use for your rollaway bed, it should be at least three inches thick to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Most mobile bed mattresses range from two to five inches thick. 

You can usually pain many types of mattresses with rollaway bed frames like memory foam, innerspring, or air mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are more comfortable, but air mattresses can be stored easier. 

Sleeping positions are important to keep in mind too. For example, side sleepers might hate air mattresses and innerspring but will love latex and memory foam.  

Consider Design Variations

Make sure you know what parts your rollaway bed comes equipped with. While most models feature a mattress and frame combo, some mobile beds are sold in separate parts. 

Some beds will come complete with storage covers to keep your rollaway bed safe, but others do not include this feature. As a general rule, aftermarket bed covers can get rather expensive. 

Weight Capacity Limits

Average rollaway beds can hold between two-hundred and three-hundred pounds, but some beds can hold as much as twelve hundred pounds. Every mobile bed will have a different weight capacity as frame and mattress materials vary widely. 

The Big Picture

Though there are plenty of quality rollaway beds included on this list, the LUCID gives you the most features for the best price and stands out as the best overall rollaway bed on the market today. 

That being said, there are lots of different foldable beds to choose from and the best rollaway bed is going to look different depending on a consumer’s wants and needs. 

If you want to check out more mobile bed choices you can search through hundreds of choices on Amazon or Wayfair

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