The Best Hammock Beds and Hammocks for Sleeping Indoors

Hammocks are not just for naps, camping, beach getaways, or backyards anymore. Could we introduce that same experience inside, in a bedroom hammock?

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Considering we spend about ⅓ of our lives sleeping, our choice of bed is super important. And the older we get, the more we realize how much our sleep habits affect the rest of our daytime activities. Nearly everything in your life – health, relationships, job satisfaction, overall happiness – will improve with better sleep. 

The majority of people go to sleep each night on a traditional bed frame and mattress. However, a new trend in hammock beds is sweeping the nation. People are eager to experience drifting off with your head and legs inclined, rocking slightly in mid-air, and enjoying cool, breathable fabric. 

Despite the popular notion that a hammock will reduce stress and add relaxation to your bedtime routine, there are a few questions about safety, health, convenience, and the long-term use of indoor hammock beds.

Read through this thorough review of the best bed hammocks for sleeping at home. We will answer these general questions and present our top choices for the best indoor hammocks.

Reviews of Bed Hammocks

The following seven reviews detail the best hammocks for sleeping indoors. Check out which one would be right for you! 

Best Overall Indoor Hammock for Bedrooms: RADA Handmade Yucatan Hammock

This classic hammock is perfect for every person ready to experience the best hammock for sleeping at home. The traditional design is roomy enough for two, crafted from a comfortable blend of nylon and cotton, and comes in various beautiful colors.

This highly-rated indoor hammock bed combines a bed length of 6.5 feet, handles up to 330 pounds, is durable enough to last for years, has a budget-friendly price, and comes in enough different hues to suit the style of any bedroom. 

Best Indoor Hammock with Stand: Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Want a great hammock bed without the hassle of permanent installation? This sizeable Brazilian hammock comes with an easy-to-set-up stand. It is made of heavy-duty steel and can be assembled in less than five minutes and without tools.

This hammock bed with stand is the perfect combo for anyone needing to save space, move their hammock bed to different locations, or be able to take it apart and store it for future use. It features breathable cotton fabric, a solid 9-foot stand, 450-pound capacity, 35 different colorful styles, and many available add-ons, including a wheel kit to make it more mobile or a hammock sleeve for protection.

Best for Multiple Sleeping Positions: Eagles Nest Outfitters Skyloft Hammock

Increase your comfort with a bedroom hammock that supports multiple sleeping positions. Featuring an innovative spreader bar and toggle system, you can adjust the hammock bed to create a flat sleeping surface. If the natural cocoon shape of most hammocks feels too tight for you, this hammock provides a more open, spacious experience.

This durable bed hammock consists of breathable nylon, lightweight aluminum for the spreader bars, will hold 250 pounds, has a hanging distance of 12 feet 8 inches, comes in 4 color combinations, and requires a suspension system that is sold separately. The unparalleled comfort of this high-end hammock bed is worth the price!

Best Value: Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Get incredible comfort at an equally great price! This hammock is sure to please everyone with soft fabric, an ultra-strong design, durability, and affordability. Although this hammock was initially designed to handle the pressures of camping, its superior quality makes it one of the best hammocks for sleeping at home.

This best-selling hammock bed utilizes the newest technologies available. Made from 75D Nylon Taffeta with reinforced triple stitching, this sleeping hammock can handle up to 500 pounds. The 210T thread count also makes it feel as soft as bed sheets. It comes with the hardware you need, including two ropes and two heavy-duty carabiners. It also comes with a 100% Happy Customer Policy. 

Best for Style: NOVICA Manaus Majesty

Part of the appeal of hammock beds is the luxurious, relaxing style they can add to your bedroom. Feel like you’re on vacation every night of the week! Take your bedroom from boring to lavish with the stunning Manaus Majesty.

This hand-crocheted Brazilian indoor sleeping hammock is made from 100% cotton and must be hand-washed to maintain its shape. The natural fibers and elaborate design will provide comfort and beauty. The bed length is 7 feet 5 inches and holds up to 450 pounds. You must purchase hanging accessories separately.

Best for Unique Customization: Dutchware Chameleon

This full-featured hammock bed offers the most options on the market to customize every detail. This lightweight hammock conforms to every inch of your body, offering unbeatable comfort and relaxation.

Aptly named the Chameleon, this hammock is custom-made to fit each customer’s needs and offers more choices than we could mention here. Most notably is the fabric. Hexon is made exclusively at Dutchware, provides various weight ratings, and you can order in many colors/styles. Another exciting special feature is multiple hanging methods for multiple sleeping positions. Definitely check out this indoor sleeping hammock!

Best Foldable Hammock: Mock One

Anyone with a small bedroom or interested in using a hammock bed temporarily should check out Republic’s Mock One indoor sleeping hammock with a folding stand. Conveniently store it, take it on trips, or use it for overnight guests. When you need it, the Mock One easily unfolds and snaps into shape.

As the best hammock bed with a stand, this popular hammock requires zero installation costs or equipment. It is made from 210T parachute nylon with a coated steel frame, holds up to 250 pounds, has a bed length of 6 feet 4 inches, is available in 3 colors, and sets up in seconds. It also comes with extra goodies such as a shade canopy for added privacy and a basket underneath to store items.

Benefits of Hammock Beds

It’s not just trendy. Health experts agree there are some significant benefits we can experience from sleeping in a bedroom hammock.

Fall Asleep Faster

All of us want to drift off to sleep as quickly as possible once our head hits the pillow. Hammocks are a great way to induce sleep faster. 

Hammocks provide the best sleep position: lying on our backs with our heads and legs slightly inclined. This increased level of comfort relaxes both the mind and body. 

With the gentle rocking motion only a hammock can provide, you will be dreaming before you know it!

Cooler room temperatures and airflow also help us fall asleep. A traditional mattress often traps our body heat. Hammock beds are designed with less material and allow air to circulate 360 degrees around us. 

Deeper Sleep

An indoor hammock bed may also provide the best environment for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep all night long. The flexible design conforms to your body, reducing pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. This may eliminate discomfort, waking up in the middle of the night to readjust, and restless tossing and turning.

The elevated position of your head and upper torso can also improve breathing. Doctors often recommend sleeping with your head elevated to increase airflow and even reduce snoring.

As we mentioned before, sleeping hammocks provide the best way to stay cool and comfortable all night long. No more waking up with night sweats!

More Overall Sleep Benefits

Everyone benefits from better sleep. Reduce muscle aches and pains, get more energy, and create a healthier mind and body.

Some people who struggle with sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or frequent fatigue may benefit from installing an indoor hammock for the bedroom. Of course, it’s necessary to discuss this with your doctor first.

If a bedroom hammock will help, it’s certainly worth checking out.

Fewer Allergens

Ever thought about how much dust, dirt, body sweat, and maybe even bugs may be in your mattress? And how do you clean that?

Indoor sleeping hammocks use much less material. It won’t absorb as many allergens and is easier to clean.

Cons of Indoor Sleeping Hammocks

Before making any drastic change in your sleep routine, you need to be fully informed. There are some notable drawbacks to using a hammock as your primary bed.

Room for One

It may be relaxing to cuddle with your sweetheart or pet for a short period in a hammock, but not a good idea for all night sleeping. If you choose to invest in an indoor hammock for your bedroom, it will be just for you.

Risk of Falls

This safety hazard depends on two factors. First, what type of sleeper is using it. Anyone who naturally moves and turns a lot in their sleep should carefully consider a sleeping hammock. Next, make sure you properly set up and install your bedroom hammock to avoid middle-of-the-night disasters.

Requires Sufficient Space

Take a good look at your current bedroom design. Do you have enough space to safely install a hammock bed? Can you easily get in & out and navigate around it? Will the hammock add to your bedroom aesthetic?

Types of Hammocks

Maybe you’ve decided you’re ready to give an indoor sleeping hammock a try. Many hammocks are only suitable for outdoor use due to their materials, design, and installation requirements. Before making your purchase, review the different types of hammocks.

Not for Indoor Hammock Beds

  • Rope Hammocks: This type consists of ropes woven together. This hammock is comfortable for short naps only. The overlapping ropes & holes in between would create more pressure points and discomfort.
  • Poolside Hammock: These are made from waterproof, water-resistant material. This hammock is great for outdoor use only. These hammocks are perfect for resisting mold and mildew but would not allow enough comfort and airflow for all-night sleeping.
  • Swinging Chair Hammock: Unlike a traditional hammock, this design is suited only for sitting. Without being able to recline and lift your legs fully, this hammock would not be comfortable for sleeping.

Hammocks for Sleeping at Home 

  • Camping Hammocks: These use lightweight, flexible, and weather-resistant materials. A camping hammock provides excellent comfort and durability. Thin and compact, these are portable and easy to store when not in use. Camping hammocks are either designed to be set up between two trees or come with a stand. If using it as an indoor bedroom hammock, make sure you can install it properly.
  • Quilted Hammock: These consist of two layers of fabric covering a soft filling. This hammock is super comfortable and ideal for indoor use. These are not water or weather-resistant. The extra padding will provide comfort but not as much flexibility as thinner hammocks. Often quilted hammocks come in fashionable styles that may suit a bedroom.
  • Brazilian & Mayan Hammocks: Often made from nylon or cotton, these hammocks are generally known for their colorful style as well as their comfort. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Portable Folding Hammock: Designed with a foldable stand that easily opens and closes, this hammock is perfect for those with limited bedroom space. Since these hammocks focus on convenience and portability, they may not offer as much comfort or breathability as other styles. Check the details before buying. 

Other Considerations

Safety is the most crucial concern. Follow all manufacturer’s guidelines and only secure your hammock to posts that can handle the weight. In addition to hurting yourself, inappropriately installed hammocks can cause damage to your bedroom.

If you want a less permanent indoor hammock bed, consider purchasing one with a stand. 

When hanging your hammock bed, make sure you adequately space the two ends. If it is installed on posts too far apart, your hammock will be taut, inflexible, uncomfortable, and possibly cause you to fall out. Similarly, if you install on posts too close, the hammock will drag, keep your legs & upper body too inclined, and prevent good sleep.

Depending on the design, some hammocks come with a spreader bar, a wooden piece at either end of the cloth bed used to keep the hammock spread out. This may add or detract from your overall comfort.

Best Indoor Hammocks

Hammock beds offer so many solutions. Whether we need an alternative to our traditional mattress, want to spice up our bedroom style, or just need more sleeping options for a small space, these are the best hammocks for sleeping indoors.

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