12 Best Book Holders for Reading In Bed

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Reading in bed has many benefits for sleep and is somewhat similar to meditation. After a hard day at work or school, there’s no better way to restful sleep than with a book. Whether you’re reading a hardcover book or Kindle, it’s vital to have a good book holder for reading in bed. As a lifelong reader myself, book stands are an absolute must for reading before bed. 

After testing numerous products and snooping online, the DeckChair BookChair emerged as the best overall. It’s the best for both worlds – electronic and hardcover, with a design that aims to provide comfort.

You’re sure to find other bookholders that may tickle your fancy. If you’re a fan of thick books or prefer the elegance of wood, we have something for you. And there’s a buyer’s guide at the end of this article if you need some extra help choosing the best book holder for your needs.

Keep reading so you don’t miss out on the best book rests for reading in bed.

DeckChair BookChair – Best Overall

The DeckChair Book Chair looks like a piece of chaise furniture, but it offers so much more than relaxation. The book holder is ideal for printed books, and you can also use it for your Kindle. 

However, the tab that keeps the pages secure isn’t strong enough, and larger books may fall off. It’s worth mentioning this unit is for reading and isn’t sturdy enough for you to use as a writing desk.


  • Works for physical and electronic books
  • Affordable
  • The plush design provides comfort


  • It’s not ideal for heavier books

TCBWFY – Best for Heavy Books

TCBWFY is made from aluminum alloy. The material and construction make it suitable for individuals who read heavy-duty books. 

The adjustable clips keep the books in place, and you can fit a small-sized laptop for some night work. The ergonomic design makes it comfy, eliminating all kinds of body pains associated with reading prone. 

Even though it’s a fantastic hands-free book holder for reading in bed, it’s too bulky and tedious to adjust. It’s also too high for smaller people, and the clips could be more robust.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Sturdy enough to hold heavier books


  • Too bulky
  • Weak clips

The Book Seat – Best for Plush

The Book Seat looks like Santa’s bag, and its uniquely shaped shelf will help you wish away neck-bending and back-breaking reading positions. It’s lightweight at 0.55lbs and bendable like a beanbag to support many reading positions.

The Book Seat is fantastic for paperbacks and hardcovers and comfy even when lying sideways. It does have a small phone pocket, but the main drawback is the color transfer. 

The colors can rub off on walls and sheets. However, it’s still one of the best book holders for reading and quite affordable!


  • Light and fluffy
  • Versatile hands-free design   
  • Fantastic for small and large books


  • Small phone pockets
  • Color transfer to the bed

Wishacc Bamboo – Best for Wood

This book holder is shaped like a suitcase with windshield wipers for clips. The product is crafted from 100% Bamboo wood, and unlike other products, the clips are strong enough to hold heavy books. 

The Wishacc book holder is devoid of irritants and has rounded edges to reduce injury risk. The panels are cleanable with a cloth, and you can use this equipment for your laptop. The page holder can be challenging to move, but it’s the closest thing to perfection you can find.


  • Bamboo material doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Easily cleanable
  • Fantastic for reading hardcover, tab, or laptop


  • Clips are hard to pull

ZZWS – Best with Light

The ZZWS is one of the lightest books stands for reading with an upgraded book clip to hold thicker books in place. It’s bendable and lights up courtesy of 3 AAA batteries. 

The book holder saves you from ailments like spine pain, neck stress, and myopia from reading head-down for an extended time. 

That said, the design looks complicated, and the lights need constant adjusting to use correctly. Still, it’s adjustable, sturdy, and can be used outside the bedroom.


  • Sturdy lightweight design
  • Built-in light to illuminate the book
  • Suitable for heavy hardcover books


  • It’s complex to use
  • Light fails quickly

Peeramid Book Rest – Best with Bookmark

You’d be mistaken to think the Peeramid Book Rest was the Hogwarts Sorting Hat with its unique design. However, it can support any reading device, including books, iPads, tablets, or Kindle. 

The playful design makes it suitable for kids, and it’s available in multiple colors and patterns. The only drawback is this book holder isn’t entirely hands-free. The tassel that serves as a bookmark is too thick for the function. It isn’t clear whether the material is machine washable.   


  • Soft plush design
  • Has a bookmark
  • Small pockets for reading glasses


  • Tassel is too thick

Moko Tablet Pillow Stand – Best forTablet

If you want a reading stand for bedtime suitable for hardcovers, it’d be best to look elsewhere. The Moko Tablet Pillow is only for electronic reading devices and is constructed from corduroy, which makes it fluffy. 

You can use it for tabs, Kindle, or iPad, and the lip holder doesn’t hide any part of your screen. While it isn’t sturdy, the book holder works for most devices.


  • Lightweight
  • Soft, comfy fabric
  • Holder doesn’t obscure the screen


  • Limited viewing angles 

SAMHOUSING – Best Overhead Reader

This SAMHOUSING book holder consists of 4 adjustable joints that make it work for various positions. The aluminum material is lightweight and strong to hold large books. You’ll like the hands-free design that allows you to multitask. 

Moreover, it’s easy to set up and has a sturdy base. The swinging arm provides a wide movement range, and you can keep multiple tablets like Kindles in the holder.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Excellent for different tabs and iPads
  • Wide arm for different viewing angle


  • Not for hardcover books

Tablift iPad Holder – Best for iPad

This iPad reading stands for bed and is suitable for various iPads, including the Mini and Pro models. The design helps you enjoy your favorite books in bed with a hands-free view to enjoy other activities. 

The Tablift iPad Holder has an adjustable leg that provides fantastic stability on flat and uneven surfaces. You’d need a hard case to use this tablet stand, so it doesn’t damage your iPad or tablet.


  • Easy to set up
  • Exceptional for unstable surfaces
  • Multiple viewing angels


  • Leaves skid marks on bedding
  • It needs a hard case to prevent iPad damage

SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk – Best Premium 

The SAIJI book holder is a piece of high-quality equipment constructed from high-quality materials designed for fantastic comfort while reading in bed. The table leg is adjustable for tall and small people, and the leg design ensures its stability on any surface. It’s a multifunction table that works for the bedroom and office and can serve as a mini writing table. The foldable design makes it portable for outdoor and indoor use. The only drawback is the cost, otherwise it’s an excellent product without complaints.  


  • Holds multiple devices at once
  • Lightweight and study design
  • Excellent for adults and kids


  • Expensive
  • Height is high even on the lowest level

MagiPea Tablet Stand Holder – Best for Tablet and Smartphone

The MagiPea Flexible Gooseneck is designed for tablets and smartphones with an adjustable neck firm enough to hold your Kindle. You can put your tablet in it and don’t have to worry about it dropping off. 

Even though it doesn’t ship with a manual, it’s simple to figure out. The bracket is fully adjustable and swivels in whatever direction is the best view for you. The bendable part is a bit too strong and may not be suitable for seniors or kids.


  • Lightweight adjustable design
  • Tiltable bracket for multiple viewing positions
  • Holds tablet and smartphone


  • The adjustable feature is too firm

Wishacc Floor Stand Book Holder – Best Durable

The Wishacc Floor Stand Book Holder is suitable for readers who don’t want the equipment on the bed. It spots four small wheels with an adjustable height that makes it useful for all age groups. The material is bamboo on a metal frame, and it’s ideal for physical books and eReaders. The cost is quite steep, and it’s probably best for people without budget limits.


  • Sturdy, durable design
  • Adjustable height for adults and kids
  • It doesn’t occupy bed space


  • Expensive
  • Limited viewing angles

Best Book Stands for Reading in Bed Buying Guide

Consider the following features to choose the best book holder for reading in bed:


The material used in constructing your book holder is critical if you want it to hold heavier books. For instance, aluminum is lightweight yet strong enough to keep giant iPads and tabs firmly in place. If you’re going to read on your laptop, you need a book holder that can easily hold its weight.

Viewing Angle

Are you a back sleeper or a side sleeper? The type of book holder for the bed you buy will depend on your sleeping position at night. A front-facing book holder is suitable for people who lie on their back, while a swivel book holder is ideal for readers who sleep on their side. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable for your bedtime position.

Height and Weight

Many book holders are designed for tall people, and if you’re on the smaller side, you need to buy a product with an adjustable height.

Tablet or HardCover

Some book holders are designed for physical books, while others are tailored for kindles and iPads. However, you can find hybrid products compatible with both reading styles.


Book holders make it convenient to read during bedtime. However, some bookholders are more suitable than others. Hands-free book holders give you the freedom to multitask while enjoying your favorite book.


Your reading stand for bed must have a reasonable price; else, it loses its value. Buy a product that isn’t too pricey and still rich in the features you need. The best book holders for reading in bed aren’t always the most expensive products, so keep an eye out for what you need.

Wrapping Up

Reading is an excellent way to enrich the mind. Almost everything we want and need requires picking up a book.

Whether a novel or journal, nighttime allows you to relax, and there’s no better way to do so than to pick up something to read. 

The DeckChair BookChair is the best overall for reading in your bed. However, the options above are sure to give you long-lasting value.

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Nate Devore
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