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Bed trays provide a stable, hard surface, a place to organize materials, a way to elevate books and laptops, and can efficiently keep our bed clean and clutter-free

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If you are like me, you use your bed for more than just sleeping or napping. Some people feel their best in bed. 

Whether snacking and watching tv, reading a novel, writing in a journal, or texting our friends, we find peace and comfort in our bedrooms.

Making the most of your bedroom hideaway requires a bed tray that covers all your bases. I’ve chosen the Rossie Home Media Bed Tray as my top pick for its sleek, natural bamboo finish, spill-proof design, and easy set up or take down. You may even do your best work in the bedroom, so having a phone holder makes the Rossie Bed Tray that much more convenient.

Beyond the Bed

Bed trays are also great for those seeking flexible workspaces. Maybe you are working full time from home, starting a side hustle, or need to complete homework. You don’t have to sit at a desk anymore.

Spread out your materials and work on the floor! Get cozy on the couch. Create a workstation on a blanket in your backyard. 

A versatile bed tray can make any spot your favorite and most productive workstation. 

Go Mobile

Some jobs are best tackled out of the office and out of the house. Beautiful day? Take your work to the park or the beach.

A bed tray may truly be the perfect piece of office furniture for taking your work wherever life leads you

Our Reviews of the Best Bed Trays

Take the guesswork out of buying a bed tray. Here is our list of the best bed trays available in 2021. Choose the best bed tray to make your work and lounge area comfortable, stable, functional, and stylish!

Overall Best Bed Tray Table: Rossie Home Media Bed Tray with Phone Holder

The top choice meets our needs for traditional use with modern convenience, all wrapped together in a beautiful wooden tray. 

The larger surface fits plates, mugs, laptops, books, and more. The small section is a media bar designed to hold tablets and phones. You have everything you need right at your fingertips!

The top offers a sturdy, spill-proof design for a breakfast tray. The side and back lip are tall enough to keep everything in its place. The front lip is lower to provide comfortable access to eat or type on a keyboard. 

The legs fold open and closed for quick setup and convenient storage.

Made of natural bamboo, the Rossie Home Media Tray comes in four beautiful colors. The sleek and stylish design of this tray is perfect for relaxation or work. It is one of the best bed trays for its superior functionality and affordability.     

Best Food Tray for Bed: Pipishell Store Bamboo Bed Tray Table

This gorgeous bamboo tray table is the perfect food tray for eating in bed. It has built-in handles for easy carrying, foldout legs for sturdy standing on any surface, and a high lip all the way around to prevent slips and spills.

Treat your friends to a special meal in bed, take care of a sick family member, or use this tray to enjoy a picnic outside! It provides a safe, clean surface to serve food in so many different ways. This bed tray with legs will stand up or lay flat depending on what you need.

Pipishell’s breakfast tray is easy to clean, lightweight, and lays flat for storage. This bed food tray is a thoughtful gift for weddings and anniversaries!

Best Laptop Tray for Bed: HOME BI Lap Desk

Need to take a break from your regular work desk? This portable lap desk provides the perfect setup for a mobile workstation. 

The surface has a designated spot for all your electronics. Your laptop sits snugly next to a built-in mouse pad. Keep your phone or tablet upright in the media slot across the back. 

The foam cushion on the bottom provides support, comfort, and keeps heat from the laptop off your legs. It also has an attached handle for convenient portability. 

The tray is made from high-grade MDF material and comes in black, gray, and white. It is ideal for gamers, remote workers, and students!

Best Multifunctional Bed Tray Table: Invacare Overbed Table with Tilt Top

Invacare designed this bed food tray for more practical uses as opposed to luxury or style. It is best for people who struggle with physical mobility or need extra care while healing from an injury or sickness. This hospital-style bed tray is ideal for meals and keeping water and medications nearby when you need to stay in bed.

The breakfast tray is large enough to hold everything you need to stay comfortable. Since it is attached to a stand that rolls on the floor, you can move around in bed without fear of tipping the bed tray over. It pulls forward and pushes away easily for maximum comfort and flexibility.

You can raise and lower the tabletop and tilt it forward to three different angles. Its walnut, laminate top, and steel construction make it durable.

The bed food tray is not just for patients. It is also helpful as a laptop tray for bed, couch, or recliner. This bed tray is super functional and easy to move.

Best Bed Tray with Storage: Cooper Mega Table

Known as the King of Folding Desks, this supersized tray has enough space and storage for everything. The main surface is large enough to fit a laptop, mouse pad, notebooks, pens – all your office supplies. 

A tablet groove along the back keeps smaller electronics in place. It features a side drawer large enough to store small office items such as pens, hold your phone, or even keep a beverage safe. This bed tray with legs also comes with a book stand and carrying handle. It folds flat for storage and comes in three sophisticated colors.

Instead of a lip around the main tray, the surface curves down for added comfort. The tray is not suitable for serving food because items may slip off. The Cooper Mega Table is ideal for lounging in bed, completing office work, and crafting with kids.

Best Bed Tray Table for Two: Joy Overbed Table

What is better than the convenience and relaxation of a bed tray? Relaxing with someone you love!

The Joy Overbed Table is one of the most unique and best bed trays available for those looking to share the experience. This extra-large tray is more of a desktop surface that sits on a stand over the entire bed. You can purchase this deluxe tray for either a twin or full/queen bed.

The surface area is large enough for breakfast in bed and holds all of your office supplies too! A wrap-around backboard keeps everything from slipping off the back. The open front allows easy access to all your goodies.

Wheels support this massive bed tray with storage. When you have the tray in place, lock the wheels for safety.

The tray height is adjustable, meaning this remarkable bed tray also functions as a standing desk or side table pushed up against a wall.

Although this food tray for bed is significantly more expensive than smaller ones, its versatility makes it worth every penny!

Best Bed Tray with Adjustable Surface: Songmics Multi-Function Lapdesk Table

The adjustable tray is ideal for a bed desk tray. The largest surface tilts to five positions to provide the exact-right typing angle and viewing perspective for your needs. The smaller surface remains flat to keep a mouse pad, drink, or notebook in place. 

The bed tray with legs adjusts to multiple heights, is locked with a safety latch, and folds closed for storage. A small storage drawer pulls open from the side. The bamboo material comes in three colors.

Wherever you choose to work, this tray will accommodate your posture. Increased comfort leads to increased productivity. Take your home office to bed, the couch, the floor, or on your back patio!

Best Bed Tray for Kids: Mavo Craft Workstation & Organizer

The hard plastic material makes this tray perfect for kids at home and on the go. It is durable, easy to clean, and holds up to seven pounds.

The large, flat surface is ideal for doing homework, artwork, using a laptop, or keeping snacks off the floor. The desktop flips open to reveal a spacious storage area for all your office and school supplies. The sturdy legs fold up for easy storage.

It is light enough for a child to carry. It makes a great workstation in nearly every room and car. Get organized and keep everyone entertained no matter where you are!

Bed Tray Table Considerations

While some of the best bed trays can meet all your needs, spend a few minutes reviewing your specific requirements before making your final decision.  


Although the breakfast in bed tray is one of our most popular associations with bed trays, they do so much more. 

They are not just for beds anymore either. They bring comfort and productivity to any area of the house.


When used as a breakfast tray, you need a flat surface, stable legs, and a lip around the edge to prevent items and dishes from slipping off. These are useful for meals in bed, on the floor, around the house, and even outside.


Flexible work has become increasingly popular. People are working at home, traveling, and are in many shared office spaces. Bed trays are one of the best solutions to creating portable, comfortable workstations.

Bed trays used for work need an adjustable surface large enough for a laptop, no lip around the front edge (it would prevent you from comfortably accessing the keyboard), and an area for a mouse or other devices.


Bed trays used for hobbies like reading or knitting may need both an adjustable and flat surface. The adjustable part moves up to create just the right angle for reading comfortably. The flat portion would provide enough space for smaller items like bookmarks, snacks, a cup of tea, or your phone.

Size & Weight

In addition to considering how many items you need to prop up on your bed tray, you should consider where you will be using it. A large bed, floor, or outside area would support a larger bed tray. A workstation on the couch, recliner, or small bed requires a smaller tray.

Bed trays come in a variety of sizes. Make sure the primary user can easily access and carry the tray. Bulky or heavy bed trays may be dangerous for kids, the injured, or the elderly.

When not in use, you will need sufficient space to keep your bed tray stored properly.


You may need to adjust your bed tray to accommodate different positions, setting up in various locations, and folding up for storage.

Think through how you will use your bed tray to determine how much adjustability you need.


Many modern bed trays offer a variety of goodies, such as non-slip material, memory foam padding, drawers, attached reading lights, and more. There is no sense in buying a specialty tray with features you do not need. However, you may be surprised by how useful some of these extras can be.


Nobody wants an ugly piece of furniture cluttering their workspace. Fortunately, bed trays come in a variety of materials that can add to the aesthetics of your room. 

Bed trays made of beautiful wood, rich fabrics, sleek plastics, and sturdy metals will satisfy any style from traditional, modern, or industrial. Your bed tray can be functional and fashionable.

Check Out the Best Bed Trays 

We all must become more flexible workers and take charge of our self-care routines in our current world. Laptop and food trays have evolved to meet these needs. These are the best bed trays available in 2021.

Bed trays are one of the most versatile pieces of modern furniture. They can:

  • Reduce stress, increase relaxation, and enhance our everyday bedroom experiences
  • Make special events such as holidays and birthdays more exciting
  • Give house guests a unique treat
  • Enhance any bedroom style with a fashionable tray
  • Increase productivity by making workstations more flexible and functional
  • Expand your work & hobby spaces to every room inside and outside the house
  • Create a mobile desk

The Rossie Home Media Bed Tray is an all-around winner for the best bed tray table. It is the ultimate breakfast in bed tray and bed desk tray. 

Relax more. Work better. Treat yourself or a family member to this modern and luxurious gift!

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