Top 6 Best Backrest Pillows for Reading or Watching TV in Bed in 2022

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We’re avid readers. For years we’ve lost sleep sitting up in bed trying to get to the end of just one more chapter. For years, we craned our necks and crushed our pillows, trying to get comfy while doing it. 

The problem with standard pillows, it turns out, is that when you use them to read in bed, you flatten them. It can be challenging to resurrect them for a comfortable sleeping experience. 

So, we started investigating the best backrest pillows for watching TV in bed. We tested six different backrest pillows and found the best backrest pillow was the Husband Pillow. 

We like it because it’s made of memory foam that supports you in any reading position. It also has arms, which are ideal for perching your elbows while reading. 

The Husband Pillow isn’t the only good backrest pillow with arms out there. Here are some of our favorites to help you make your choice.

Best Backrest Pillow Overall: Husband Pillow

Made of supportive memory foam and covered with micro-plush, the Husband Pillow is a backrest pillow that supports more than your back. 

Besides supporting your back, the Husband Pillow also has a neck rest. Instead of leaning back with your head against the headboard, you can cushion it on the Husband Pillow.

The Husband pillow also includes a pocket for storing books, remotes, and phones. So, you can enjoy your book or show without worrying about misplacing anything as you race towards that last page of your book. 

Several reviewers say they bought the product for family members and were so impressed that they bought extra for themselves. They say the neck rest is adjustable, and the cover comes off and washes easily. 

Moreover, you can remove the foam to customize the support you get from the Husband pillow. One reviewer wished the pocket to access the memory foam interior was slightly larger, but the feedback was otherwise positive. 

Best Adult Sized Backrest Pillow for Watching TV in Bed: Milliard Pillow Wedge 

One of the advantages of the Milliard Reading pillow is its versatility. Normal adult-sized backrest pillows offer support and better posture. 

The Milliard pillow does all that and conforms to your back. 

This feature helps it support you most where you need support. The foam interior also makes the Milliard pillow the backrest pillow you need, whether you’re watching tv or:

  • In bed
  • On the floor
  • On the sofa 

The velour cover includes a handle so that you can carry it with you when you travel. 

If you find the Milliard backrest pillow too soft or hard, you can open the pillow and remove or add extra foam for more comfort. 

The cover is washable, and the backrest pillow comes in three sizes:

  • Extra large
  • Standard 
  • Petite 

Reviewers say that although advertisements suggest allowing 48 hours for the foam to fill out, it can take longer. 

They add that the result is a comfortable reading or tv watching experience in bed once it does. Other reviewers said sizing could be tricky, especially when buying online. However, generally, customers found this backrest pillow to be:

  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • An excellent value for money 

Best Kids Bed Rest Pillows: Animal Adventure Pillow

The Animal Adventure pillow has ten different animal-shaped pillows for children to choose from.

Charming and whimsical, these pillows help support young readers as they barrel through their story of choice. They’re also soft enough to double as something to cuddle up to when the light finally gets switched off. 

Yet, this also means that the Animal Adventure backrest pillow isn’t sturdy enough to be free-standing. For best results, reviewers recommend propping it against a headboard or sofa. 

That said, it’s lightweight, and reviewers agree that it wears well over time. The only concern is that some designs include features that make it difficult for children to snuggle comfortably against the back of the pillow. The elephant’s trunk is one example of this.

If you want to foster a love of reading and bedtime comfort, reviewers agree this backrest pillow for kids is tough to beat. 

Best Bed Pillow With Arms: LinenSpa Foam Reading Pillow 

One of the advantages of the LinenSpa reading and bed rest pillow is its various sizes. 

If you want a sturdier pillow for young readers, its standard size is perfect for kids. Larger sizes accommodate adults with a range of body types. 

The LinenSpa Foam Reading and bed rest pillows are full of memory foam that provides personalized comfort across several sitting and lounging positions. 

Its handle makes it portable. The extra shoulder support is perfect for TV viewers or readers recuperating from medical procedures.

The pillow’s wide arms are another asset. Their position accommodates many body types, making it accessible to readers of all shapes and sizes.

Patients recovering from hip surgery may find that the arms cushion the It band of the leg post-surgery. This feature is an asset since that area of your leg can get stiff after long periods of sitting down. 

Some reviewers say that for the most significant support, this backrest pillow needs to lean against something solid such as:

  • Cushion back
  • Headrest 
  • Armchair 

Other customers said the covering wrinkled quickly. They added this was primarily an aesthetic consideration and did not affect comfort. 

However, most reviewers say this pillow has revolutionized their experience reading in bed. This is especially true of people with chronic conditions or a need for long-term care. 

Best Adult Sized Backrest Pillows: Reading Pillow Bed Wedge 

The Reading Pillow Bed Wedge is the best backrest pillow for adults who want to improve their posture. Its wedge design keeps you upright but comfy, while the memory foam inner pillow offers the support you need for better back health. 

The arms give you somewhere to brace your elbows against as you approach thrilling or suspenseful moments in your book. 

It also features a side pocket to help you keep track of things like remotes and bookmarks. 

Reviewers said that using this backrest pillow had an immediate effect on neck pain and stiffness. However, others found it lumpy and uncomfortable. 

All reviewers add that it is excellent value for money. In several, it was so popular that the household pets commandeered it for comfort. 

Best Backrest Pillow for Bed: MittaGonG Reading Pillow

The best backrest pillows offer support wherever you’re sitting. From students without desks to people with chronic back pain, there are all kinds of reasons for spending your day on or in bed. 

The MittaGonG backrest pillow is one of the best backrest pillows for people who need to spend hours sitting in bed. 

It offers:

  • 22 inches of foam-stuffed pillow 
  • Armrests 
  • Washable cover 

You can adjust the foam interior for personal comfort. That means that whether you want to lean back and enjoy a supported nap or improve your posture, you have the comfort and support you need. 

The size of this backrest pillow also accommodates a range of ages, including:

  • Children
  • Adults 
  • Seniors 

Reviewers appreciate how long the backrest pillow retains its shape and structural integrity. 

On the other hand, some received conflicting information about washing instructions. They say the box bills the cover as washable while the information on the pillow cover does not. They add that an effective workaround is to dab the cover surface with a clean washcloth. 

Some reviewers found this pillow too heavy to manipulate. However, once the backrest pillow was in position, it was comfortable and ideal for providing an in-bed reading or TV experience. 

What to Look for in Backrest Pillows 

Whether you want the best backrest pillow for kids or adults, there are several things to consider.

These include:

  • Comfort
  • Support 
  • Washable
  • Size


When watching TV in bed or working your way through a good book, you need to be comfortable.

After all, you can get a crushed pillow and stiff neck from leaning against your ordinary sleeping pillow. So, if you decide to shell out for a backrest pillow, make sure it’s one you find comfortable to lean against. 


The other thing you need from a backrest pillow is support. Lounging can be comfortable, but it’s hard on your back. 

In addition to being comfy, the best backrest pillows support your spine and reduce stress on your neck muscles. 


If you’re an avid reader or movie fanatic, then chances are this backrest pillow will get a lot of wear. You must have a cover you can clean easily. 

Ideally, it should be machine washable. If not, something that you can treat with cold water and a washcloth also work. The important thing is that you do not have to go out of your way to keep your backrest pillow looking presentable. 


Finally, not all backrest pillows accommodate all sizes. Some are too big for children, and others aren’t big enough for adults with varying body types. 

Whatever backrest pillow you choose, you need one that accommodates your body’s shape and needs. Otherwise, you’re never going to feel comfortable or supported. 


Of all the backrest pillows we tested, our favorite was the Husband pillow. It’s more expensive than some of the other backrest pillows, but it’s also more durable and comfortable. 

We like that it offers a range of colors for customers to choose from. Many backrest pillows come in a neutral grey or tan, but the Husband Pillow lets you showcase some personality.

Importantly, it does that while providing the comfort and support you need to make your bedtime read as enjoyable as it should be. Check it out today to see what the hype is about.

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