Top 6 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Heavy Sleepers (iPhone and Android)

These alarm clock apps will get your butt out of bed no matter how heavy of a sleeper you are

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If you’re looking for ways to wake up a heavy sleeper, here are some of the best alarm clock apps for heavy sleepers for both iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, which should wake you up and get you out of bed. 

These alarm apps offer loud alarm sounds for heavy sleepers, creative challenges that will get you moving, and miniature games to keep you from hitting snooze again.

Best Overall: Alarmy for Android & iOS 

Android: Alarmy for Android is free, or pay $8.99 for the pro version to eliminate ads and unlock advanced settings.

iOS: The iOS version is free, or pay $7.99 for the pro version with the same added features.

In the free version of this app, you’ll get loud alarm sounds for either Android or iOS to pull you out of sleep at the right time. Its variety of alarms make it one of the best loud alarm clock apps available.

With added missions, you’ll be prompted to do activities that will get you out of bed before you can hit snooze. These are challenges like scanning a barcode or taking a picture to match ones you’ve taken, such as a photo of your bathroom sink or your dog patiently waiting for you to start the day. 

The paid version for iOS and Android has added an incentive to wake up with backup sounds if the first alarm doesn’t wake you. It has a feature called Wake up Check, where the app continues to add alarms until you disable it. 

Best for Personalization: AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock for Android 

Cost: Ad-supported free version or buy the premium version in-app for $1.99 and remove ads.

Many alarm clocks geared towards heavy sleepers rely on loud and annoying alarms to wake you up, and AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock has those options. It also has a gradual wake-up system feature that slowly and gradually wakes up even the heaviest sleepers by targeting when their sleep is the lightest.

Every person is different, and all the single and recurring alarms are entirely customizable.  Innovative technology like incorporating your calendar means alarms shouldn’t go off on public holidays or in locations different from your usual bedroom if you don’t want them to, or they may go off at a lower volume less frequently. 

With all of its options and settings to personalize your wake-up experience plus dismiss challenges to keep you awake, it’s the best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers for android smartphones. 

Best Free: Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock For Android & iOS

Cost: Free, ad-supported for both platforms. Pay $1.99 to remove ads.

This app is the next best thing to someone physically pulling you out of bed in the morning. While not technically a heavy sleep alarm clock app, Walk Me Up ensures you can’t hit snooze and drift back to sleep. 

The basis behind its concept is that utilizing the built-in pedometer already in your phone counts your steps and doesn’t shut off the alarms until you walk the required amount. 

People who tend to postpone waking up are covered, too. An included “evil mode” disables the snooze button entirely and won’t silence the alarm unless you take the required number of steps. 

If you’re worried about tricking the phone while in a sleep-induced daze, the app’s algorithm detects other movements and can tell when you’re walking, so shaking the phone won’t work. 

Best for Heaviest Sleepers: The LOUDEST for iOS & Android

Cost: Free, ad-supported. Pay $1.99 to remove ads.

The loudest alarm clock app for iPhone, The LOUDEST, uses your sound files and boosts the volume. Or it has a selection of built-in sounds that it will play as loud as your phone can handle to make sure you hear it in the morning. 

In case you worry about getting used to the alarm and sleeping through it, this app has the option of enabling random, very annoying sounds like nails on a chalkboard or a car alarm going off to jolt you awake.  

You can change the settings for alarms and the app’s design, background, and color scheme to reflect your style without paying extra. 

Earn in-game “Espresso” points for sticking with it, from waking up on the first alarm to exploring the app and using them to unlock additional functions. 

This app’s last warning alarm may be the best alarm tone for heavy sleepers, and you need to hear it to believe it.

Best for Kids: AlarmMon for Android

Cost: Free, or pay $0.99 a month / $8.99 a year to remove ads.

The best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers has to do two things: wake you up and keep you awake. 

AlarmMon does both of those things very well but in a fun and positive way. It would make an excellent alarm clock for a kid, but it’s clever enough to work for an adult too. 

AlarmMon for Android features some of the best alarm sounds for heavy sleepers that are annoying and noisy enough to pull you from sleep and that continue to play until you complete a game or challenge.

It’s customizable, and when you first launch the app, you’ll have to complete a short quiz to match your lifestyle to the alarm sound and game you’ll play to turn it off, complete with a cute cartoon character that you can always change later on. 

Best in iOS: Wake N’ Shake Alarm Clock for iOS

Cost: $0.99

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock offers the best iPhone alarm clock app for heavy sleepers for less than a dollar. 

The basis behind the app is pretty simple. To turn off the alarm, you have to shake your iPhone. It disables the snooze button automatically, and there’s no easy off button. You have to shake it quite hard and for a few seconds to stop the alarm from ringing.

If you enjoy “game-ifying” other aspects of your life, add this app to the pile with unique and unrelenting features that ensure you wake up and stay awake. The app includes multiple wake-up levels and statistics for how quickly you silence your alarm. 


When looking for a super loud alarm to wake you up, you’ll need one that gets results. All of the heavy sleeper alarm clock apps on this list provide a louder-than-normal alarm for you to try. Try them out today to get results. No more sleeping in by accident! 

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