What Is the Best Bed Height? Complete Guide to Standard Bed Heights in 2022

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There are plenty of things to consider when designing the bed of your dreams. Everything from mattress type (memory foam or hybrid?) to the kind of bed frame you choose influences how well you sleep. Yet one critical feature is often neglected: bed height. The wrong height can make getting in and out of bed a struggle or painful in some cases.

So, how tall should a bed be? When standing next to your bed, the top of the mattress should be next to your knees. The best bed height will also depend on several other factors. These factors include your age, whether you have physical impairments, and personal style.

Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about bed height. And we’ll talk about how to determine the optimal height for you. Keep reading to learn more about the best bed height for you.

Why You Should Care About Bed Height

What’s the big deal anyway? Bed height may seem like a small matter, and for some people, it is. But here’s why you might want to take a closer look at how tall your bed is. 

Bed Height Affects Us Physically

Getting in and out of a too-high or too-low bed is challenging.

Think of it like this. Ever get into a car that was low to the ground? It probably wasn’t a comfortable experience. The same is true for our beds. If you have to climb into bed or push yourself out of a low bed every time, you may be placing more strain on your body. Having your bed at the right height eliminates extra strain.

Age Affects Bed Height

Our needs evolve with age, so it’s critical to consider your current stage of life.

Think about purchasing a bed for a child. High beds are not ideal, whereas low beds are easier for small children to get in. They also help lower the risk of injury from falling out of bed.

But for older adults and seniors, a low bed is likely a bad choice. Low beds need crouching or slow squatting to reach them. If you have bad joints, these motions can be taxing. And the arm strength needed to get out of bed can be uncomfortable.

Bed Height Affects the Aesthetics of the Room

While not a physical concern, bed height can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. Think about the style you’re hoping to achieve. Do you want a regal, luxurious feel or something traditional? Perhaps you prefer a modern look.

Tall beds have an association with luxury. Tall beds require people to use stools to access them and are more expensive. These factors earn them a reputation as a status symbol. The same is true now, with affluent individuals favoring these oversized beds. But, in more modest homes, tall beds are not always the best choice. They take up more room and can overwhelm smaller areas.

If you’re aiming for a more minimalistic look, low beds can help you achieve that feel. The bed is more grounded, and low beds tend to have fewer frills. They can also add extra storage in smaller spaces and make a room feel bigger. You can change exactly how your room feels just by placing a bed inside. 

How Tall Should a Bed Be and How To Check

Finding the right bed height can be more confusing than you might think. The ideal scenario will vary from person to person as the best bed height correlates to your height.

Generally, the top of the mattress should hit your knee when you stand next to your bed. To check whether your bed is the correct height, just sit down on your mattress. Your feet should be flat on the ground with your knees at a ninety-degree angle. If your knees are above your hips, the bed is too low. If your feet are dangling, your bed is too tall.

What Is the Average Height of a Bed

So, how tall is a standard bed? Twenty-five inches is the average bed height. Many people can pass the test described in the previous section with a bed this tall. If you find that the standard height is too tall or too short for you, buy something better suited to your needs.

Other Bed Height Factors To Consider

Aside from your height, there are other factors to keep in mind when purchasing a bed frame and mattress. 

Mattress Height

It’s critical to remember that your bed frame and mattress determine your bed height.

Mattresses are available in many materials and heights. It’s typical for them to range in height from eight to fourteen inches. Your mattress may feature a single layer, or it might have several layers. Some people choose to add mattress toppers as well. You’ll need to account for all these height differences when choosing a base. 

Is your mattress on the thinner side? Anything less than ten inches thick usually works well with a standard or antique base. But if you have a thick mattress (more than twelve inches), then a shorter base is best.

Sleep Partner

Likely, you and your sleep partner are not the same height. This difference can make finding the perfect bed height a bit more challenging. When shopping for a new bed, it’s vital to consider both people’s needs.

If one person is much taller than average, it’s best to adapt the bed height to make things easier for them. For shorter partners, this adjustment may mean having to use a step stool to get into bed. You can also purchase stairs to attach to the bed for easier access.

Chronic Pain

Do you or your partner suffer from chronic pain issues? If you have joint or muscle pain, the bed height should fit the needs of the afflicted sleeper. For example, you may have ongoing aches and pains, while your partner doesn’t. In this case, climbing in and out of bed may be much easier for your partner. Your bed should be a place to rest and not contribute to your pain. 

How High Are Platform Beds?

Platform beds have grown in popularity in recent years. These beds are simple, low-profile structures. The beds are lower to the ground than traditional box spring foundations. With a mattress, they are usually about eighteen inches tall.

For some people, platform beds are an excellent choice. They add a modern aesthetic to the home, are low-cost, and help promote mattress airflow.

But, they require you to crouch to get into bed and squat to get out, so some people should avoid platform beds. If you’re taller than the average person or have joint or mobility issues, opt for something taller.

How To Make a Bed Taller

Is reading this article making you realize that your bed is too low? If so, you’ll need a solution. Luckily, making your bed taller is an easy fix in most cases. All you need to do is buy some bed risers.

Bed risers are available in different finishes to fit the aesthetic of your room. Bed risers can be metal, plastic, or wood. You place them under the legs of the bed, and voila! Your bed is taller, and they create extra storage space. Bed risers also save you the inconvenience of having to buy a new bed. 


Let’s wrap things up with a few frequently asked questions about mattress height.

How high should a mattress be?

The height of your mattress matters less than the overall height of your bed. There is no such thing as a recommended mattress height. So, you can let comfort dictate how thick you want yours to be.

How high should a bed be off the floor?

Several factors determine bed height. These factors include your height and any health conditions you may have. With these factors, bed heights may range from eighteen inches to thirty-two inches. 

Why are beds so high now?

There are several reasons that beds are so high now. Perhaps most importantly, they are easier for taller people to get in. Tall beds often come with plenty of storage space underneath. And they may also deter pets or young children from getting in. 

Is it better to have a low or a high bed?

More and more people are buying platform beds, so are low beds better?

The low vs high bed debate is personal to every individual. It would be impossible to say that high beds are better than low beds or vice versa. Twenty-four inches is a good height for many people. But you may prefer something higher or lower.

Aesthetic reasons, mobility reasons, and storage reasons may influence your choice. Feng shui is another consideration for harmonious flow in your bedroom.  Lastly, comfort should be a top consideration. Your bed may not be the perfect height for how tall you are, but all that matters is that you are comfortable.

Final Thoughts

So, how tall should a bed be? If the thought of getting in and out of bed makes you nervous, you should assess your mattress height. Although low beds look sleek and modern, they may not be right for you. You can customize your bed and sleeping experience. Choose a comfortable mattress thickness and height, and use risers to accommodate your needs.

Your mattress and mattress frame should accommodate your needs. And they should make getting in bed easy–not backbreaking.

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