How to Sleep With Tailbone Pain (The Best Sleeping Positions)

Doctor pointing to Coccyx (tailbone) pain

If you are struggling with tailbone pain, you know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. But with the right sleeping positions and some self-care strategies, you can finally find some much-needed relief from your pain. We’ve compiled a list of the best sleeping positions for tailbone pain and some simple […]

How to Sleep with an Ear Infection – 9 Doctor Advised Tips

Woman with ear infection trying to sleep

An ear infection is painful enough during the day, but for some people, that discomfort can be even more intense during the night. Figuring out how to sleep with an ear infection can be pretty frustrating, and as a result, people with this condition often don’t get the rest they need.  If you’re sick of […]

Shoulder Pain Sleeping on Side

There are many things you can do to remedy shoulder pain from sleeping on your side, including heating or icing, stretching the shoulder and surrounding neck muscles, or anti-inflammatory medication. Resting and avoiding strenuous activity will keep you from injuring yourself further, but remaining somewhat active and keeping the joint mobile will also aid in […]

How to Sleep With Broken Ribs

One or more broken ribs can make even the simplest activities excruciatingly difficult. Sadly, sleeping is no exception. Many people find it hard enough to fall asleep and stay asleep as it is without the intense discomfort that comes with cracked or broken rib bones. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do for broken ribs […]

The Best Way to Sleep with Sciatica

Sciatica pain can cause you to wake up from sleep with a shot of agony. While many people suffer from this condition, not everyone is familiar with the best way to sleep with sciatica pain. When looking for ways to get better sleep with sciatica, the key is to look for solutions that work for […]