Best Alarm Clock Apps for iOS in 2022 (iPhone and iPad)

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We have all experienced a dreadful alarm startling us awake after a late night. Even worse, we have fallen victim to the alarm blaring continuously without ever waking us up. 

To make this process smoother and less unpleasant, I researched the best iOS alarm apps for iPhone and iPad. I will share the most effective ones with you below.

I tested a wide array of alarm clock apps and found Alarm Clock HD to be the best iOS alarm app. 

Alarm Clock HD is highly customizable. With multiple color and sound options, you can start your morning routine with an alarm tailored to your tastes.

This best alarm clock app for iPhone also has safety measures in place to ensure that your alarm is effective under any condition.

Everyone has their requirements. Some of you will want to track your sleep cycle. Others will need bright lights. Whatever your needs, there is an alarm clock app for you. 

Keep reading to find the alarm that will best prepare you for the day ahead.

Alarm Clock HD – Best Overall

Alarm Clock HD is ideal for moderately heavy sleepers. 

You can choose between multiple alarm sounds and any music found in the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad. Plus, you can choose a display color to accompany your alarm.

This best alarm app for iPhone includes a couple of bonus features. You have access to local weather information and an instant flashlight. By shaking your device, a flashlight will turn on, helping you navigate your dark bedroom.

There is even a backup plan in place. If you accidentally closed the app and cleared it out of the background, your notification sound will play using the volume on your device.

Alarm Clock HD is free. However, you can pay to become a premium member. This removes ads, provides news and Twitter feeds, and offers Premium Customer Support. 

Sleep Cycle – Best for Tracking Your Sleep

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker is a free, smart alarm clock.

This second-best alarm app for iPhone is designed to respond to your body. Most alarm clocks will wake you up based on timing alone. Unfortunately, waking up from deep sleep is jarring and frustrating. 

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns. It wakes you up when you’re in light sleep because this is the most natural. You will wake up more refreshed and prepared for the day. Plus, you can snooze the alarm by shaking or double-tapping the phone.

Additionally, Sleep Cycle records your movements while sleeping. It identifies your sleep states and records any movements using your microphone. It will show you when you snored, talked in your sleep, coughed, or made other sounds. 

The more you know about your sleep patterns, the better your sleep will be. 

By paying for the premium app, you can customize your wake-up window for up to 90 minutes. You can also access stories, relaxation guides, and calming sleep sounds. The app will monitor your heart rate, as well. You can connect it to a Phillips HUE light bulb to imitate the sunrise. 

Alarm Clock for Me – Best Alarm With Sleep Aid

Alarm Clock for Me is highly customizable. 

The clock has designer theme options, including ultrasonic, digital, wordy, and ThinLine. The brightness can be adjusted to your comfort in the mornings. Plus, you can make your playlist to wake you up in a good mood. 

You can choose to add vibrations to your alarms or make them fade in. When you wake up, you can shake your device or solve a math problem to turn off the alarm. You can shake the device to snooze the alarm, as well.

The alarms can include notes to assist your morning routine. You can even set multiple alarms with different tones. 

Perhaps best of all, you can play music or listen to white noise as you fall asleep. You can create a playlist and shuffle it if you choose. 

One unique feature relates to customization. There is a countdown option, and the background can be any photo of your choice. 

Alarmy – Best Alarm for Ultra Deep Sleepers

Alarmy is the best iOS alarm app for those who seriously struggle to get out of bed. 

With Alarmy, you have no choice but to wake up fully. For those who need to move immediately, there are a few options, including:

  • Walk to a different room and take a picture in that room
  • Scan the barcode of an item in another room
  • Shake your phone a pre-set number of times

For others who want to get their brains moving, tasks include:

  • Solve math problems
  • Memory practice

The clock also features the ability to gradually build up to full sound and vibrations. Additionally, there is a ‘quick alarm’ designed for those who need to set their alarm in a rush without extra options. 

The premium version of Alarmy offers squat and step missions to shut off the alarm. A typing mission is also available. It allows you to type motivational quotes and start your day on a positive note.

This version also offers a wake-up check and a backup, louder alarm if you have not turned off the alarm after a set period. 

If you’re a deep sleeper who has difficulty waking up, you may want to read our complete review of the best alarm clock apps for heavy sleepers.

Progressive Alarm Clock – Best Tranquil Alarm

Progressive Alarm Clock is the best alarm for iPhone that wakes you gently. 

While some apps track your sleep movements to avoid startling you, Progressive Alarm Clock relies on soothing sounds to ease you into the morning. 

The major advantage of this app is the alarm tones. Progressive Alarm Clock uses the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl to promote a peaceful environment. 

There are five patterns from which to choose. Each one progressively reaches maximum volume at its own pace. 

You also select the bells. Six different bell styles offer sounds from bright to deep. 

In the morning, you can write in a journal through the app. You may want to jot down dreams, positive affirmations, or goals for the day. You can send the journal entries to your email to save them. 

Loud Alarm Clock – Best Startling Alarm

Loud Alarm Clock receives a staggering 4.8 out of 5 stars based on almost 25,000 reviews. 

This is the best alarm app for iPhone for those who need to jump out of bed. The audio files are audio boosted to provide the loudest possible tones. Every morning, the app will select a random tone to avoid desensitization. 

You can set a backup alarm in case you haven’t woken up by a certain time. You can no longer snooze the alarm at that point. 

Fun alarms, such as the voices of Stewie and Hermione, help you to wake up in a better mood. 

Aspects of the Loud Alarm Clock are voice-activated. You can tell ‘Jarvis’ to set an alarm, read the time of the alarm back to you, or turn on a flashlight. 

The clock is customizable, as well. You can select a background from the app or use your own photo. The design of the app itself can also be altered. 

As with most apps, weather information is available. 

Buying Guide

The apps listed above are the best choices for most people. However, everyone has unique needs. Certain apps can assist with any of the following problems with waking:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Trouble waking up your body or mind
  • Frustration with startling tones
  • Desensitization to quiet or routine tones

Here are some things to consider when making your choice for the best alarm clock app on iPhone. 

Multiple Alarms

Most of us, especially heavy sleepers, need multiple alarms. If the first doesn’t wake you, you will need a backup.

Some people prefer to set an early alarm to ease them into waking up. Multiple alarms will be a must-have feature in that case.

Snooze Options

You may need a snooze limit to avoid laying in bed for hours. The ability to customize the length of time that snooze lasts is also a nice feature.

Large snooze buttons are helpful for some, but too easily accessible for others who may snooze endlessly.

Progressive Features

Waking up slowly and gently often puts us in a better mood. Some apps gradually increase the volume, vibrations, or light of the alarm.


A personalized screen may motivate you to wake up. Your favorite color scheme or photo can lift your spirits immediately.

Additionally, some apps track your sleep patterns. These help you to analyze how well you are sleeping and make adjustments as necessary. 

Wake Up Tasks

If waking up is especially difficult for you, putting your brain or body to work may be the most effective. You may want an app that requires you to complete tasks before turning off the alarm. 


Alarm Clock HD is the best alarm app for iPhone. It is customizable, but not overly complicated. You can set any song from Apple Music as your alarm. This allows you to wake up slowly, abruptly, or to a motivational message. 

Alarm Clock HD also has emergency measures in place to avoid oversleeping. 

Are you ready to optimize your morning routine? Visit the App Store to find the perfect alarm clock app for an iPhone or iPad. 

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